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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel’s Breakup Was Possibly Due To His Family

Hollywood celebrities are breaking up left and right. Recently Rihanna and Hassan Jameel’s breakup news emerged out of nowhere but, now we believe we know the reason. The gorgeous Umbrella singer Rihanna appears to be a little too wild for Jameel’s family. The billionaire’s family wanted him to have more normalcy. In particular, when it comes to choosing his significant other and his relationship with a woman. In other words, it is 2020 and brown men’s families still pressure them to leave their love for a “family-appropriate” woman!

Hassan Jameel Breaks up with Rihanna Over Family Pressure

According to sources speaking with HollywoodLife, Hassan Jameel’s family wanted their son to have a more traditional and reserved relationship. Rihanna has dated a number of famous stars, including Chris Brown and Drake, but Hassan Jameel was different. Jameel’s demanding business trips made him travel the whole world one time, and Rihanna was there on every location. Still, the couple has called it quits, something that neither of them wanted.

“He was feeling it from his family, who think Rihanna is stunningly beautiful, but they also wanted her to be more tame, reserved and demure. The split is not something either of them really wanted, however, their relationship was becoming challenging.”

Rihanna is knee-deep with her business, running Fenty Beauty, a makeup, apparel, and lingerie brand. (We can also write here music, but we don’t know when her new album is going to come despite her teases to her fans. So yeah!) With a certain image to keep, we believe it would not have been possible to impress Hassan Jameel’s family whose brown-people mentality is not for Rihanna to cater to. It would not have been easy for the singer to change her way of clothing, her ways, and her line of work for any man. Especially not his family, whom she might rarely meet.

Rihanna continues to stay true to herself, hence the breakup with Hassan Jameel.