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Reasons why you should watch Dark Waters

Reasons why you should watch Dark Waters

‘Dark Waters’ is a much anticipated upcoming movie and everyone seems to be talking about it. Directed by Todd Haynes and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the Mark Ruffalo, and Anne Hathaway starrer is the story of a corporate defense attorney who takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company. The corporate company is consequentially exposed to infecting the water of a small town.

The movie is set to premiere on November 22nd and has been a buzzing topic. Here is a list of reasons that’s causing the hype and why you should watch Dark Waters.

Watch the trailer here.

Dark Waters is based on a true story

Doesn’t a movie turn into a  much more real experience when you know it is based on true events? It turns from entertainment to infotainment because you’re learning something that went down in history.

This movie sheds light on the reality and responsibility of corporate giants and their impact. It is a true and honest tale of how one of the largest corporations in the world caused a growing number of unexplained deaths.

It is also an inspiring story of how a tenacious lawyer (Mark Ruffalo) risks everything he has, to expose the truth.

Mark Ruffalo is in it…

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Mark Ruffalo. He is famously a Marvel fan-favorite hero ‘the Hulk’ who was also one of the few high-profile survivors in Avenger’s End-Game.

He also did an outstanding job as an investigative journalist in the 2016 Drama/Crime film Spotlight which was a true story uncovering the 2001 investigation by ‘The Boston Globe’ on the sexual abuse of children done by priests within the Catholic Church. The film got nominations in 138 awards, winning 71. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay. And our man Mark Ruffalo was also an Oscar nominee for the Best Supporting Actor.

This time the American actor is coming back in a similar true story, but he will be a different kind of hero. Mark Ruffalo is evidently excited:

‘Dark Water’ creates awareness for the Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility

Awareness is rising and people are now beginning to realize how important it is to protect the world we live in. Most corporations too, pledge to be responsible and take measures to ensure that they cause minimal environmental destruction.

In fact, this topic is getting more and more crucial every day as we open our eyes to the hazards of climate change and what we can do to save the earth. The expose of a giant corporation and its indifference towards the world at large is one step along the way.

In the wake of these realities, this movie is a valuable one. It talks about one of the most important issues in the world. This environmental thriller is one we shouldn’t miss.

The film is fighting for a cause against ‘Forever Chemicals’

That’s not all. The film is actually part of an intensive awareness campaign. Apart from creating this film, the makers of “Dark Waters” are actively working to raise public awareness on an issue mostly swept under the rug.

This is about PFAS which stands for polyfluoroalkyl substances known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they do not biodegrade. These chemicals are in the products we buy and consume, and even in our environment. They lead to serious health effects and illnesses that most of us are not even aware of.

In fact, Mark Ruffalo himself arrived in Capitol Hill for a press conference with federal lawmakers where he spoke about the issue.

A website has also been launched to fight for the cause, where you can find more information and take action for the campaign.

Dark Waters is definitely a must-watch; not only will it be a much-needed eye-opener but it also serves a great cause that we can be a part of.