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The Reason Ava Michelle Stans Blake Lively Is So Pure

We’ve seen our fair share of celebrities stanning other celebrities. Everyone has their own reason to fangirl on any celebrity in their day and age. But Ava Michelle’s reason for being a fan of Blake Lively is so wholesome that you will just smile hearing it.

In an interview of promoting her Netflix movie Tall Girl, she talks about her love for the Gossip Girl actress. The young actress recalls that she’s always admired Blake Lively and watching her on The CW show increased her obsession.

I’ve always been obssessed with her. Then I started watching Gossip Girl, the obssession totally grew.

Why Ava Michelle Stans Lively

She then proceeded to point out the facts that she loved about her. One of the main ones being her height! Ava Michelle also mentioned her family when counting reasons she loved the old actress.

For one, she is tall. She’s like 5’10”. I love her fashion. Her kids. Her and Ryan are the cutest couple ever. She’s just perfect.

However, Ava Michelle opened up about the main reason. When she was trying to get into acting, she got plenty of rejections. The primary reasons for the rejections were often her height. That was certainly quite demotivating for her. But seeing a tall and beautiful actress such as Blake Lively definitely motivated her to keep going.

When I was you know, trying to act, and trying to get into this business, and being tall it was so hard because I was constantly told no because of my height. And so she was kind of one of those people that I was like, you know, it can happen. Tall girls can do this. You can wear heels on Gossip Girl and be taller than Dan and it is okay.

The bullying she faced because of her height is also why Ava Michelle was kicked off from Dance Moms. This social exclusion and discrimination is something that is highlighted in her Netflix movie Tall Girl.

Ava Michelle’s Movie Wasn’t Well Received

Though, the movie is receiving a lot of backlash for focusing too much on a minor issue. Critics point out the movie is unrealistic and ignores serious issues that teenagers face such as financial troubles, racism, sexual abuse, and disability problems.

While the movie did fail to highlight major issues, it did succeed in telling a fairly good story about learning to love yourself.