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Quibi Guide | What to Watch on Upcoming Streaming Service

If there’s one thing the Millenials have proved, it’s that there is no such thing as too many subscriptions. Netflix is pushing against more competitors like Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu, and recently, Apple TV+ and Disney+. But here comes another streaming service that has entirely different targets: Quibi. First, they want to deliver entertainment in “quick, tasty bites”. That is to say, all episodes available will be 15 minutes or less. Secondly, they want to target the smartphone audience specifically: “During the day, you have these in-between moments. Ten minutes here, 15 minutes there, where you want to see something great.” Here are some up-and-coming shows, many of them original, that will entice fans to pull out five bucks a month.

Killing Zac Efron:

The Greatest Showman actor is going wild in the new reality adventure series. You will see Zac Efron, full Bear Grylls-style, trying to fend off the extreme nature. This is one show I didn’t think I needed until I heard about it. Zac, who’s also the executive producer for this show, has said: “I tend to thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out opportunities that challenge me on every level. I am excited to explore any uncharted territory and discover what unexpected adventure awaits!” Quibi says:

Zac heads deep into the jungles of a remote island to carve his own name in expedition history. Zac is going all-in, falling off the grid for 21 days with nothing but basic gear, a guiding partner and a will to survive.

Kirby Jenner:

Quibi is just another entertainment service that the Kardashians have infiltrated. Only this time, it’ll be about a Kardashian you don’t know about. Kirby Jenner is Kendall Jenner’s “fraternal twin.” Kirby is actually just a faux Jenner, who got viral from his parodic Instagram account @kirbyjenner. However, Kendall and Kris Jenner will also be starring themselves AND producing the show.

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Die Hart:

This is probably going to be the most-watched show on Quibi. The show follows the comedian, playing himself, in pursuit of getting himself cast in a significant movie. No deviations from real life up until now, eh? To achieve this, he joins the world’s most excellent acting school, which is run by everyone’s favorite, John Travolta. GOT star Nathalie Emmanuel will be rivaling on the show. And Quibi has promised cameos by “some of Hollywood’s biggest action movie heroes along the way.” This comedy/action show is sure to bring a lot of laughs.

Swimming with Sharks:

Quibi is bringing a contemporary update to Lionsgate’s 1994 comedy. They have already cast teenage stars Kiernan Shipka and Daine Kruger. The Netflix star Shipka will be playing Lou, a young assistant. And Diane Kruger will play Joyce, Lou’s boss and head of a Hollywood studio. The satire will focus on Kiernan as she outwits a company filled with manipulators and schemers.

Quibi launches in April. Don’t forget to sign up for all the delicious bites!