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What the Post Credits Scene of Venom Meant

What the Post Credits Scene of Venom Meant

Venom had a few huge surprises for us all and the post-credits scene explains it all when setting up a complex cinematic future.

Well, it seems like Sony could not keep that many surprises regarding Venom. And a large majority of us have been following the Venom updates vividly. Now that you are aware of all rumors that circulated about the film, it’s time to take a step beyond. And reveal some even greater secrets. For those who have watched Venom, the post-credits scene will not do anything. But some incredible thrill and excitement are on the way for those still unaware of it.

Venom has two post-credits scenes. The first prepares us a for a sequel and a recognizable villain. But the other one probably has nothing to do with this film. Instead, it is a teaser for the upcoming animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

An Explanation For The Post-Credits Scene

The mid and post-credits scene has gained immense importance for the past few years. Especially when it comes to superhero movies. Although Marvel was initially most famous for this, it’s now familiar to almost every major movie studio. And that’s mainly because when these credits roll, they hint toward future films. Probably that is what makes this post-credits scene fun and exciting since they give us something to devour until the next great movie comes out. So, isn’t that basically what happened with Venom?

The Mid-Credits Scene

The mid-credits scene is a teaser for the sequel and an epilogue for Venom itself. As Brock takes his motorcycle trip to San Quentin Prison to interview a mystery convict, the prison guards warn him. And when the mystery convict is revealed to the world, it is none other than Cletus Kasady. Woody Harrelson plays Kasady. And for Marvel Comic book fans, it is known that Kasady is the villain who goes by the name of Carnage. Before the screen fades back to black, Harrelson looks directly into the camera to share that carnage will occur. That makes it pretty evident that Venom is going to have a sequel. And now we know who the villain will be in the next one.

The Post-Credits Scene

The post-credits scene that takes the screens during the end comes with a comic book–style title card. And it reads, ‘Meanwhile, in another universe…’

This scene is animated and revolves around the young boy that comic book fans will have no trouble recognizing. It is Miles Morales-the Spider-Man from the alternate Marvel universe. But he soon made his way into the central universe. This post-credits scene hints at the upcoming animated film, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The movie is all set to hit theaters on December 14th this year.

Here, you can see Miles Morales getting chased around the city by a villain. Accidentally, he would knock over an older Peter Parker before getting chased again. The bright tone and humor you can see in this scene match directly with what we expect in the upcoming animated movie. This post-credits scene has little or nothing to do with Venom, after all. But nonetheless, it was exciting to watch and made sitting through the credits worth something.

For those who haven’t seen Venom yet, this calls for a trip to the cinemas!