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Owen Wilson Enters Marvel Universe as he Joins Loki TV Series

Great news for all of Marvel and Loki fans as Tom Hiddleston’s latest TV series has now found a new star. Owen Wilson will now join Hiddleston in his upcoming Disney+ show in a character we shall soon find out. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is continuously pushing their next phase of the storyline. The boss, Kevin Feige, has even said that TV shows are an essential part of understanding a complete picture. The series is quite far away and will release in 2021. But we already have a few names who will be joining Hiddleston.

Owen Wilson Back To Working With Disney

This is not the first time Owen Wilson will be taking on a Disney project. He has also done a voice acting for Lightning McQueen in Pixar’s Cars franchise. Also, he has done a number of collaborations with filmmaker Wes Anderson, starring in movies The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. He has done a few films with Jackie Chan, and other movie projects include Zoolander, Midnight in Paris and Wedding Crashers.

The Loki TV series doesn’t have a confirmed storyline, but we can surely expect that to happen. The last time we saw Loki was back in Avengers: Endgame when he vanishes from the Avengers building, taking the tesseract infinity stone with him. We are not sure how the Avengers of the present changed their destiny by allowing Loki of the past to run away with the Tesseract. Perhaps we will find this out in the TV show? Perhaps Owen Wilson will play a significant role in that show?

What we are expecting the most is that the show will revolve around Loki visiting different times in human history to influence major events. Michael Waldron will take on the roles of writing credits and executive producer. Kate Herron is going to direct all episodes and be an executive producer alongside Waldron.

Wilson’s representatives have declined to comment on their client’s involvement in the upcoming Marvel show. But we are expecting an official announcement to come soon.