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Noah Beck thought Bryce Hall would win against Austin McBroom in YouTubers Vs. TikTokers event

Noah Beck is an American social media personality who is famous for his TikToks. His videos mostly contain humor, sports or lifestyle videos. He became a member of the up-and-coming TikTok collective the Sway House in Los Angeles in 2018. That’s where Noah beck and Bryce Hall met and became instantly close. Moreover, Bryce Hall once pranked Noah Beck and his girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio.

Before the YouTubers Vs TikTokers match, Noah Beck had his bets placed on close friend Bryce Hall

The TikToker also added that Bryce Hall has been training his a*s off. He also said that he wishes he knew Austin like he knows Bryce so he could get a real good opinion on it. Noah said that he has never seen Austin fight but he has seen Bryce fight and Bryce will just go out there and have fun.

Bryce thrives from hatred. Bryce does not want to lose and I do not think that he will. I think Bryce will win.
I don’t really know Austin but I do know what he has been doing. He has been pretty smart about it and like trying to play with Bryce, getting in his head. Bryce is going to enjoy hitting people.

However, Bryce lost to Austin McBroom but they both are now on good terms

Despite their public beef and online feuds, Bryce and Austin had nothing but love for each other after the match was over. Bryce Hall gave it his all and fans were impressed with his boxing skills. Something that even Austin McBroom appreciated:

“A lot of people want to keep having me talk sh*t about Bryce Hall, but I’m only going to lift him up like everybody else should. This man Bryce Hall is a strong a** motherf**ker, and I’ve got to show him love. There’s not too many f**king people in this world that would get in the ring and do what he did. Shoutout to you, bro.”

Noah Beck was pretty proud of Bryce Hall too even though Hall didn’t end up winning. Kudos to the TikTok friends for staying loyal to each other.