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Nick Cannon Hits Back At Eminem With ‘The Invitation’ Diss Track

Choose your sides as a fresh wave of diss tracks is about to begin. Last week when Eminem released his song ‘Lord Above’ featuring Dr. Dre, we noticed something odd. The rap king reignited his decade-old feud with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. So far, we have not heard from Mariah about this, obviously, she is busy managing her higher fame. However, Nick had plenty of time to release a song to hit back directly. ‘The Invitation‘ is all about Eminem, and it is out now.

Nick Cannon’s Diss Track ‘The Invitation’

Here is the new track by the former husband of Mariah Carey:

nick cannon, eminem, diss track

Nick Cannon’s new song starts off with a recorded phone call from Suge Knight. Recorded from a prison phone call, the man says that Cannon is like family to him and gave Eminem an invitation to prove his worth. The recording ended with him calling Marshall Mathers “a b**c*”.

Then the lyrics implied something we have not heard before:

“I called Joe to set you up and you fell for the job/

Slim won’t show for the video, ’cause he terrified of my squad/

I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a cock/

You paid him off, then laid him off, now who really the opp?”

Eminem Responds On… Twitter!

Eminem had a reply to this alright. However, he took a separate route, not what we were expecting. Perhaps this is him hyping up things before he releases his own diss track?

Nick Cannon sure noticed this, and also had a fitting reply, reminding him of remaining time to prove himself:

However, Eminem isn’t among those who will back out of rap rivalry so easily. The rap king is popular for a reason:

The slurs and homophobic abuses continue as Nick Cannon tries to assert pressure on Marshall:

Here is another one:

Nick Cannon, apparently, will continue to apply pressure on Eminem in order to get a reply from him. Watch this space for further updates!