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What NBC's Good Girls Season 2 Has in Store for Us!

What Good Girls Season 2 Has in Store for Us!

But, it’s exciting to see how Mae Whitman (Annie),  Retta (Ruby), and Christina Hendricks (Beth) will maneuver their way out of a dead end they faced in the season’s 1 finale. Manny Montano (Rio) realized the trio was trying to outwit him. So being a gangster leader like he is, he broke into Beth’s house and beat her husband Dean Boland (Matthew Lillard). Afterward, Rio slid a gun to Beth asking her to kill him if he she really wants to be on the top.

Mae Whitman Dishes on the Depth of the show

Mae Whitman, who plays Annie on Good Girls, discusses how things will change on the show. She mentioned that things might get darker for the three women who got in this complicated gangster-filled criminal life together.

“I think Season 2 is a lot darker”

Moreover, Mae Whitman dishes on the relationship Annie, Beth and Ruby have with each other. In the very first episode, we saw them sharing their familial and financial struggles and ending up robbing a grocery store Annie works in. Though, the universe wasn’t too kind on these criminals because the grocery store was a front for a gangster’s money laundering operation. To save their lives, the dynamic characters of Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta work out a system where they collaborate with the gangster’s head (Manny Montano) in exchange for a few bucks.

But one thing is for certain, the relationship between Beth, Ruby and Annie will only grow stronger. The show is an accurate representation of what true women empowerment is.

They all are committing questionable crimes for their families so you can’t call them the bad guys. Rather, they’re the Good Girls who were forced by life’s circumstances to commit criminal activities.

Mae Whitman explains:

“Keeping your family together and making sure they’re safe is sort of the highest stake of all”

Christina Hendricks Elaborates on the motherhood element

Christina Hendricks, who plays Beth Roland on Good Girls, elaborates on how the entire life of these women are focused on their communities and families. Their homes and marriages are what define them. Their reason to rob a grocery bank and commit other criminal activities was to primarily protect their families.

Especially for Beth since she has no job other than being a mother and wife to her husband.

Likewise, Ruby has to get money to pay for the treatment of her daughter’s disease. And Annie, the single mom, has to get money so she could provide for her daughter Sadie (Izzy Stannard).

But the show is not without its silly moments that generate laughter for the audience.

Manny Montano worded it perfectly:

“I think that’s why a lot of people like the show because it is so one minute dark one minute humorous”

Ruby’s Police Husband Is Interrogating Her!

Another major thing that happened in Good Girls season 1 finale was that Ruby’s husband Stan (Reno Wilson) found out that his wife was committing criminal activities to pay for their daughter’s treatment. He’s still a policeman and wants Ruby to disclose everything that happened.

“You have to tell me what you did, how you did it and who you did it with”

In the short trailer, we see Ruby say nothing. But anything can happen! Either Stan will side with Ruby and cover it up or put her and her friends in jail. The latter seems less likely though since it’s his wife. But let’s see what happens.

It seems like the creator Jenna Bans and producers Sarah Stennett, Dean Parisot and Jeannie Renshaw have really upped their game in Good Girls Season 2.

We will keep you updated you on anything else we find out regarding Good Girls Season 2.