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Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa Had Great Chemistry on set of The Last Summer

Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa Had Great Chemistry on set of The Last Summer

Maia Mitchell’s and KJ Apa’s chemistry is off the charts in the new Netflix movie The Last Summer. The Last Summer revolves around the struggles high school graduates face before going to college. Maia plays the aspiring film student Phoebe while KJ plays the charming good boy Griffin. As the movie unfolds the two characters fall in love with each other and so do we. It follows the similar narratives we have seen in Netflix’s brand of romcoms. From The Kissing Booth to All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we have seen similar themes of teen romcoms where the main couple showcase incredible chemistry.  Now, The Last Summer jumps on the bandwagon.

The Last Summer Stars Open Up About Their Chemistry

In their recent promotional interview with ET Canada, both The Last Summer stars sat down to talk about their experience working together. Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa joked about their chemistry on screen. Maia when asked about whether both co-actors knew each other before hand replied,

All the chemistry in the film is just acting.

To which KJ laughed and said,

“Yes we both hate each other.”

Maia and KJ Talk About Knowing Each Other Before Shooting The Last Summer

Both the stars confessed to having seen the works of the other. In another interview, Maia and KJ opened up about getting to know each other before the filming started.

“I think when you are working on a rom/com, especially the romantic stuff, you have to be working with someone you can have that kind of chemistry with and I think we are really lucky…Maia’s really easy to work with and we immediately had a great chemistry together.”

Maia also shared a few words about getting to now each other before they took on their respective roles.

“We had a couple of days, maybe a week before. We had a little pre-production where we had to do fittings and some rehearsals with William which was great so we were able to flesh out the dynamic on screen,”

The Netflix movie has started streaming on Netflix, so hurry up and become another witness to the great chemistry of these two actors. You can also catch KJ Apa in another Netflix show, Riverdale.