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Lili Reinhart Teams Up With American Express For Amex Green Card

The world is changing, quite literally. It is about time we change our methods as well.  Private and public organizations should do everything they must to save the world from climate change. That is why we appreciate Lili Reinhart of Riverdale and the American Express for their partnership to launch Amex Green Card.

Lili Reinhart Launches the Amex Green Cards

In a conversation with Greenmatters, Betty Cooper of Riverdale tells:

“To be honest, I have lived my life maybe a little bit uneducated on the environmental issues that we’re obviously dealing with today. I think I’ve been a little sheltered from it,”

Reinhart has found it best to use her large fanbase for a big cause. She was given an opportunity and she felt it very necessary to take it up as it can promote good and highlight the climate crisis further. The opportunity we are referring to is to become an ambassador of American Express to promote Amex Green Card. The card is made entirely from recycled plastic. Lili Reinhart also posted this news on her Instagram.

The star of Riverdale and Hustler has referred to the card as “such an innovative and wonderful thing”. Unlike some people who tend to be know-it-alls when it comes to climate change, our Betty Cooper of Riverdale doesn’t act in that way. She admits that she is still learning and there is a lot more to learn still. However, she raises the point that even doing as little as we can reverse the changes. Here is what she added further:

“I’m still learning. I’m learning what it means to do that and to be environmentally conscious … and how to live your life in a way that you’re not harming the planet any more than it already is — even if it’s as simple as walking and carpooling more so than driving,”

According to American Express, you can get 3x credit scores and it also offers business cards and corporate green cards.