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KSI’s Brutal Reaction to Bryce Hall’s TikToks

KSI and Bryce Hall are beefing since they agreed to a fight as long as the TikToker beats Austin McBroom in the upcoming match. On the other hand, the famous YouTuber, KSI, has defeated Joe Weller before throwing down with rival Logan Paul twice and become the victor of their grudge in 2019. Since then, many YouTubers like Jake Paul, FouseyTube and Bryce Hall have stepped in the ring to make a name for themselves.

Bryce started looking for more opponents and even managed to start a beef with KSI as well. KSI told Hall that he will fight him only if he wins against Austin McBroom in the Youtubers vs TikTokers event.

Bryce Hall attacked the YouTuber

Bryce Hall posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he said that he will be talking about one particular person. He further added that the person (KSI) used Bryce’s lack of having a father as a roast. Bryce also explained how KSI posted a video about Bryce Hall on his channel and titled it “Found your dad”. He found this pretty offensive. Moreover, Bryce Hall also called out Deji and Gib in this video as well.

KSI reacted to Bryce Hall’s TikToks

The trash talk did not end at Bryce’s video. There is more. KSI clapped back and started reacting to Bryce Hall’s Tiktoks. KSI titled the video “Try Not to Cringe”. He was disappointed by Bryce’s TikToks. He claimed that there is a lot of good content that comes from this platform but, that “this was not it”.

KSI said:

This is what tarnished TikTok. This is the sh*t that made people hate TikTok. If I have to suffer, you lot have to suffer with me. I need the drugs that he is on because it’s unreal. It’s made him so delusional.

The TikToks even made him consider not fighting Bryce Hal. At one point, KSI shared:

At this point, it’s embarrassing even thinking about fighting you, man.

KSI said that he might not have to fight Bryce as he doesn’t think Bryce is gonna beat Austin. Who do you think will win in the upcoming fight?