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Kristen Bell Appreciates a Multitasking Mom Professor

It’s always nice and refreshing to see women applauding and appreciating other women. And when it’s your favorite celebrities, the love for them increases ten folds. We all love Kristen Bell. May it be because she’s Gossip Girl’s voice, or that she’s Veronica Mars. We love her and we can’t get enough of her. But our love for her increases today, not because of her roles in dramas like The Good Place, but because she’s a genuinely good person.

Kristen Bell Applauds the Hard Work This Mom Professor is Doing

In a recent Instagram post, Kristen Bell shared a news article regarding a mom professor who had to take her baby with her to class due to no available sitter. We know, it seems random, but trust us there’s a lesson to be learned here. Also, a woman to appreciate.

And appreciate her, Kristen Bell does. In a quite long caption, Kristen Bell stars off with,

All super heroes don’t wear capes! College professor Ramata Cissé proved this last Thursday when she came to the rescue of one of her students. When the young lady was unable to find a sitter for her baby, instead of watching her student struggle to pay attention, Cissé grabbed a sheet and tied him to her back.

She continues to Write About the Full Story Behind the Mom Professor

Kristen Bell continues the caption,

Cissé teaches Anatomy and Physiology 1 at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, GA. She told Because of Them We Can that her student is ambitious and just needed a little help.

“It made me very happy, very thrilled to be able to use my back (which was available) in order to give her the ability to study. I didn’t want her to worry about the baby, I wanted her to forget for a few seconds so she could concentrate on the class,” Cissé said.

‘Because we can’ is an organization that highlights the success and progress made by African-Americans today.