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Kevin Hart Blames Carmen | Is He Being a Little Unfair?

The star of The Upside Down and upcoming Netflix Documentary series, Don’t F–k This Up, is in the news again. Kevin Hart, who is still recovering from a severe car-crash, is currently in a legal battle (which started back in June) against Carmen Marrero. The woman claims that she was seriously injured when Hart and his security knocked her down. Whereas Kevin blames her for the incident.

What Happened With Kevin and Marrero

The 40-year-old, American actor and comedian, became the headline after a horrific car crash almost took his life. The accident occurred when the driver (Jared Black), lost control and crashed into wooden fencing. Kevin Hart suffered serious back injuries.

While he was still recovering, a legal battle involving Kevin Hart and Carmen, which started back in June, became the spotlight. The woman claims that she busted her eye socket when Hart and his bodyguards came rushing out of a building, slamming into her and knocking her down.

This Tuesday, Lawyers for Kevin Hart filed papers in court, responding to the lawsuit, in which they claim Marrero was at fault and should have known the risks of being there.

According to the papers filed-in by Kevin Hart and his legal team:

The injuries alleged to have been sustained by the plaintiff were sustained while [s]he was involved in an activity into which [s]he had entered, knowing full well the hazard thereof.

It continues:

The incident was strictly caused by the provocation of the plaintiff and not by any act of the defendant.

What Carmen’s Lawyer had to say

This defense is as old as time, the blame-the-victim mantra seems a little unfair to the lawyers representing Carmen. It’s certainly something fans don’t expect from Kevin Hart. I mean, who prepares for a situation like that? Carmen’s lawyer, Russo, phrased it perfectly:

When you walk the streets of New York you don’t assume the risk that an overzealous bodyguard will throw you to the ground and brake your face.

The matter is still in court.