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John Wick actor Keanu Reeves Brazilian Lookalike, Jeeves is Going Viral

John Wick Chapter 3 actor Keanu Reeves Brazilian lookalike is going viral and people are going nuts. Meet Reeves doppelganger, Jeeves.

The internet is going crazy after a man who looks like a xerox copy of John Wick actor Keanu Reeves. This doppelganger from Brazil and his pictures on social media are taking the internet by storm.

The superstar’s lookalike, Marcos Jeeves, hailing from Brazil, has left the social media stunned with his viral pictures and videos. In them, he looks like a spitting image of Matrix movie actor Keanu Reeves.

In an Instagram post, the 49-year-old said that he has grown up being compared to Keanu. So much so, he now seeks inspiration from him and tries to emulate the superstar in his videos.

After watching a movie, an old friend of mine talked about the actor in it. He said that I should watch Keanu Reeves movie Point Break online because of my resemblance to the movie’s star. That is when my admiration for the Hollywood celebrity began.

The TikTok sensation revealed that he has met a lot of people who think he is the real Keanu Reeves. He added, the fact that he resembles the Constantine star so much, makes him rather popular among the ladies.

It is true. The looks kind of help me and I am also single. I see women praising me in the comments below my Instagram photos, quite often. But I always maintain a level of respect and never take advantage of any situation in real life or the virtual life for that matter.

The Keanu Reeves lookalike is making rounds on the internet and has become a celebrity overnight. He is certainly enjoying the attention he has been getting. Thanks to his looks.