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John Oliver Is Not Happy With Donald Trump And Calls For Police Reforms

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver had plenty to say when talking about the George Floyd incident. With a lot of F-Us and Eff-words, he could barely hold his tears back as he devoted himself to discussing police brutality in the United States. Then he shifted his aim towards the president Donald Trump, calling his reactive tweet responses to the protest, “f*****g disgusting”. He recalled the events where protesters from all across the 50 states of America came out on streets to protest in the wake of a horrific murder. However, it was “sickening” to get such a response from others with power.

John Oliver Lashes Out Over George Floyd

The host Oliver called the response from law enforcement sickening, something that was a reaction to protests in support of Floyd. The black man was murdered by a Minneapolis policeman by suffocation. John Oliver then played a clip of news reporting by NBC where the reporter was telling how military-style tactics were being used against their own citizens of the country to disperse an angry crowd. The protestors only want justice and eradication of systemic racism.

Across the United States people have come out to riot to demand justice after tragic murder of yet another black man. However, instead of holding the policeman accountable and fixing the system, the government decided to beat down the protest using rubber bullets, teargas, batons, and tasers. Next, the National Guard were called for support.

“If police are trying to convince the public they’re not guilty of displaying excessive force, it’s probably not a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national television — including in this city, where Mayor de Blasio praised them for their ‘tremendous restraint’ and Governor Cuomo threatened to send in the National Guard.”

He then blasted at Donald Trump regarding the incident in the Washington protest. People claimed that Trump hid inside the bunker. However, the president denies that claim.

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