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Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s death still lays heavy in everyone’s hearts as the world mourns the loss of a talented, legendary star. Jimmy Kimmel switched the routine of his late-night show and turned it into a heartfelt Kobe Bryant tribute. Not only was it extremely touching, but he also shared some very special moments with the basketball champion. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Jimmy Kimmel Remembering Kobe Bryant

Holding back his tears, Jimmy Kimmel spoke about the five-time NBA champion at length. He said tonight’s show will be different. There was no studio audience, no comedy. In fact, all 40 minutes of the show were dedicated to remembering Kobe Bryant and reliving their moments at Jimmy’s show.

His voice was breaking as he spoke, but he shared that hearing about Kobe Bryants’ death was a “punch in the gut.”

“and I know this might not make sense – but he was just the last person you could have ever imagined something like this happening to. He was so strong and handsome and smart and energetic — he was a hero. ”

During the Kobe Bryant tribute, Jimmy talked about how he always came through for his team, for his sport and he never gave up. He added that as an athlete he was incredibly gifted and talented beyond reasoning, yet he worked harder than anyone.

He was completely dedicated to being as good as he possibly could be, which is inspiring for anyone who does anything.”

According to Jimmy Kimmel, everyone loved Kobe for being so inspiring. But also because “he was ours.” They watched him grow up since he came to LA as a teenager. Everyone would light up when they saw him because everyone loved him.

More in Kobe Bryant tribute

Jimmy Kimmel shared that he had many conversations with Kobe Bryant off-screen and it was always about his daughters. His life had revolved around them.

Kimmel added that he knows he was not a perfect person. But he loved his family, he worked very hard and he brought a lot of joy to people.

He requested everyone to pray for his daughter Gianna who passed away with him, his wife, and his other three daughters as well as every person who was on the flight.

Breaking down into tears, Jimmy Kimmel said:

There is no silver lining here, it’s all bad, it’s all sad. He was a bright light and that’s how I wanna remember him.”