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Jessica Chastain's sexy 'Siblings Day' wish for Tom Hiddleston will creep you out

Jessica Chastain’s sexy ‘Siblings Day’ wish for Tom Hiddleston will creep you out

Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston became friends in 2012 when they met at BAFTAs. In fact, the mutual love for Shakespeare made their bond stronger. They wanted to work together in a movie. That’s why when Crimson Peak’s director approached Jessica for the role, she suggested Tom’s name as well. So the friends finally got to work together in a movie that has incestuous vibes all over it. It’s a gothic thriller/horror movie and it’s in many’s must-watch list now before quarantine ends.

Jessica Chastain picks a sexy GIF to wish Tom Hiddleston

It was April, 10, also known as the Siblings Day. For people like me who are quarantined with their siblings, everyday is siblings day. But for Jessica, this day reminder her of the juicy shoots she enjoyed with on-screen brother Tom Hiddleston. Tom, mostly famous by his character Loki, is hot and everyone knows it. That’s why Jessica couldn’t waste this moment to promote her movie while everyone is in quarantine and looking for all the new-old content they have missed before. Or, probably she just did it to tease her friend.

Here’s her too-hot-to-handle GIF, wishing Tom Hiddleston a Happy Siblings Day.

A little too close indeed. Tom Hiddleston has not ‘publically’ responded to the wish yet. However, fans have definitely reacted to it.

Fans reactions

Fans could not stop but link the wish to Game of Thrones.

We all remember the incest relationships from the HBO’s show.

This is all of the people who have not watched Crimson Peak. And all of those who were not expecting this GIF would be used by Jessica Chastain herself.

Some fans are even guessing what Tim Hiddleston must be going through after this specific Siblings Day wish.

And they do not want Tom Hiddleston repeating any similar activity with Chris Hemsworth.

Let’s see if Tom Hiddleston picks a comeback for Jessica Chastain.