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Jenna Fischer would Love to Have Amy Adams as a Sister

Jenna Fischer googled herself, and dedicated a post to answering the top questions that came up, and she wants to be related to Amy Adams.

T he popular actress Jenna Fischer followed costar Rainn Wilson’s advice and googled herself up. Naturally, a long list of possible questions that users usually ask appeared. Fischer then dedicated a brief Instagram post to answering most of them. We learned a lot about Jenna. But one particular thing we found interesting was that she wants to be related to Amy Adams.

People have often assumed they would be sisters because of the similar appearances and asked Google for confirmation. However, it’s not true. But Jenna Fischer would love if Amy Adams was her sister!

Jenna Fischer Answers Many Possible Google Questions in One Post…

When Jenna Fischer googled herself up, most common questions included if she was married, and if she was still married. And whether she was married to John Krasinski. Others questioned if she was related to Carrie Fisher, Amy Fisher, Isla Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Amy Adams. And if Jenna was a Canadian.

Fischer made one Instagram post answering each of these. She began with acknowledging that this was Rainn Wilson’s idea to do this. And then clarified that she was still married. But not to John Krasinski but to Lee Kirk. She added that it was their 10 year anniversary next year, and she loved him.

Then, Jenna Fischer clarified that she was not related to Amy, Isla or Carrie Fisher. She also claimed that she was not related to her costar from The Office- Amy Adams. But Adams was a lovely human being, and Jenna would be happy if she was her sister. She concluded her post with saying that she was not Canadian.

Regina Marie Fischer who is popular as Jenna Fischer is an American actress who is most prominent for her role as Pam Beesly on the NBC sitcom The Office. For this role, she was even nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2007. Other works include Hall Pass, Splitting Up Together, and Blades of Glory. 

Amy Adams is an American actress who was a nominee for the best supporting actress at the 91st Academy Awards. She has featured thrice in annual rankings of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Plus, she has two Golden Globes to her name. And has 6 Academy Awards and 7 British Academy Film Awards nominations. Her prominent works include The Office, Sharp Objects and Vice.