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Jared Leto as the Tormented Blood-sucker in Blade Re-boot?

Since the renegotiation of terms between Sony and Disney, speculations over MCU cross-over have risen. Morbius is one such character. According to sources, we will see Jared Leto embody the titular tormented blood-sucker in Marvel‘s Blade movie reboot. The original was created by Stephen Norrington, starring Wesley Snipes, back in 1998.

Jared Leto as Morbius?

When it was first announced, we all thought that the super-hero vampire (possibly Jared Leto) will only be seen teaming-up with Tom Hardy’s Venom. The canvas is bigger and possibly better now. The DisneyMCU cross-over has made things possible that were mere theories before.

According to a reliable source (the one who told us about Bill Murray’s return in Ghost-busters), Morbius (Jared Leto), can also show up in Marvel’s Blade movie re-boot or the Midnight Sons project.

What are some other Post Cross-over Possibilities?

The deal has made a few unimaginable theories possible. As a result of this cross-over, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, for instance, can appear in Sony‘s universe. This means characters from Sony can also cross paths with the ones in Marvel. We might see that when Jared Leto plays Morbius, sometime in the future.

According to some previous reports, the Midnight Sons project will feature R-rated anti-heroes like Ghost Rider and Moon Knight. Here too, Leto’s Morbius will fit in perfectly as he’s part of their story-line in the comics.

The remake of the original Blade movie in 2020 might be the first of it’s kind. Let’s hope the cross-over turns out-to-be as good as it sounds. Dankanator will keep you updated on this.