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James Charles Marches in the Pride Parade

Pride Month may have been over but it ended with a bang. And some celebrities got to march in their first ever Pride Parade. Yes, we’re talking about James Charles. The YouTuber and make-up guru marched for the first time in a Pride Parade representing the Trevor Project. For those of you who don’t know about the Trevor Project, its a non-profit organization founded to focus on suicide prevention among L.G.B.T.Q. youth.

What James Charles Has To Say About This Pride Experience?

The YouTuber told New York Times in an interview that,

I want to go every year, but literally, I’ve always been traveling. This is just such a special moment to be here with my community.

The makeup guru continued on to talk about how happy and overwhelmed he felt while marching in the Parade.

“I literally started crying earlier while I was walking. It warms my entire heart to see all generations and all the people supporting.”

James Took to His Instagram to Share a Post

As an influencer, it would be impossible for James Charles to not post about this experience on his social media accounts. The YouTuber took to his Instagram and posted,

HAPPY PRIDE SISTERS 🌈🧡 I had so much fun walking in the world pride parade today with the @trevorproject & @morphebrushes! I got emotional so many times today from seeing you sisters in the crowd, but also people of ALL ages, colors, shapes, & sizes supporting the community. 🥺 I’m so proud to be a part of the LGTBQ+ family!! 💕

This year has been tough for the YouTuber as he was making headlines every day because of a youtube makeup community controversy. We’re glad to see that he’s back on his feet and living life and enjoying it too. To all the fans out there, James back on YouTube.