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Jake Paul's '23' music video stars big brother Logan Paul

Jake Paul’s ’23’ music video stars big brother Logan Paul

We all know Jake Paul has shed a lot of sweat and blood for making vlogs on his Youtube channel. One after one this man has been entertaining us with his vines, extremely crazy road trips, and adventures. Then he took some time off and focused more on his blooming boxing career in 2018. We won’t even dive into the relationship history. But Jake has been hanging out with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell.

We don’t want to know the rest of the story as there is always some trouble going in paradise. But we will just jump to his blooming career in music. Jake has given us two hit songs in the past 8 months. And now he has released another song ’23’ starring his big brother ‘Logan Paul’.

Jake Paul’s new song starring Logan Paul

Jake has been teasing tiny clips and images from the sets of ’23’. And we kind of took a hint from those clips that big brother Logan Paul is going to be a part of this amazing new single ’23’.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s new single starring Logan Paul is already a hit as it has been trending #2 on Youtube. And fans are loving everything about it. From the video to the super catchy lyrics, Jake has once again proved that he is super talented and he has got support from his big brother Logan.

The First 10 seconds of ’23’ are hilarious. Logan is all dressed up as a chauffeur and waiting for Jake in a super shiny black Mercedes-Maybach. And you won’t believe what he says at the beginning of ’23’.

“Where do you want to go, you little sh*t?”

You will see Jake tying a big money bag with a dollar sign at the roof of the Maybach. And the very next shot shows dollar bills scattered everywhere in Jake’s Calabasas home. The music starts and there is a newscaster outside Jake’s home, and he is on the rooftop rapping.

“Had to do Maybach, I can’t do the regular Benz

I like the seats that recline

You Know I am a dog ’cause I am fuc*in her and her friend

I like two at a time”

Oh my damn! Jakie boy is not coming slow. But I am a little confused about the ‘two at a time’ thing.  And Logan’s expressions are just priceless at this.

Why Jake Paul named his song ’23’?

Some lyrics of the song explain what Jake said in a recent interview.

“How am I twenty-three sittin’ on twenty-three?

I feel like Jordan, I’m back in my prime”

A few days ago Jake mentioned a few things about his new song to ‘The Hollywood Fix’.

“It’s called uhh 23. It’s about Michael Jordan.”

Some of you might not know that ’23’ was the number printed on Michael Jordan’s jersey. And he considered it very lucky. The jersey number ’23’ helped him win six different NBA titles, a most valuable player award, and much more.

It was a prime time for Michael Jordan. And Jake thinks he is also having a prime time after turning 23.

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally like the song very much. Sadly, Logan had a very little part to play in the video, but we still loved it. And the lyrics are very deep and hold a special spot in Jake’s heart.

Last but not the least, ’23’ is written by Jake Paul himself. And he will be posting more songs in the coming months.