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Is Sony Going To Change PS5 Design After Fans Troll It?

Is Sony Going To Change PS5 Design After Fans Troll It?

The gaming community was about to get the unveiling a couple of weeks back, but the event got postponed. Now, Sony has finally revealed its next-generation gaming console, PlayStation 5. Bearing a slick black and white design and a hint of its iconic blue neons, the gaming console is futuristic and looks marvelous. But, only to some. While the PS5 design has presented itself as a gift to some people, for others it is obviously as another meme. Trolls took over Twitter as people made jokes about the new design. There were nasty dark humor trolls and then there were lighter ones. Which leads to the question, is Sony going to do something about this design, or not?

Social Media Reacting To PS5 Design

Right, when Twitter and Reddit found out about the design, not only was PS5 the top trending, but people were doing it to create a surplus of memes and trolls. For example:

And another:

However, there are plenty of people who like the new design as well. One of them is:

Among all these trolls and Twitter memes, one thing for certain is that PS5 design definitely stands out. The world of gaming is seeing a shift in the designs, regardless if we look at Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation. What is more concerning is the fact that we do not yet know how the console is going to look like while lying down.

The stand-up PS5 design has been a traditional way of reveal for Sony, but it is not how many people use the console this way.

While we admire the bold black-and-white PS5 design, we are also concerned about how long will its white color stay ‘white’. We all know they will dull out or something. Perhaps all of these questions will get an answer when the console actually releases. Right now, we do not have any official updates on the release date or the pricing. However, as per what the trends are going, PlayStation 5 is surely going on schedule for its launch later this year.