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India Eisley Gives Credit To Fauna Hodel’s Daughters Of Her Portrayal In ‘I Am The Night’

There is a lot of critical acclaim pouring in India Eisley for her magnificent performance in TNT’s I Am The Night. The limited series; loosely based on Fauna Hodel’s memoir has managed to create a lot of jigger-jagger by uncovering secrets of the highly sensationalized crimes of the 50’s. Although the series has also been subject to average reviews, its lead stars Chris Pine and India Eisley have got the critics’ thumbs up for their brilliant artistry. To step into the shoes of legendary actress Fauna Hodel was; however, not an easy game for Eisley. The Secret Life of the American Teenager star has invested her hundred percent to get into the skin of Hodel. And, for this reason, she met with Hodel’s immediate family to get some cues to help enhance her performance.

India Eisley Thanks The Daughters Of Fauna Hodel For Their Support

In a recent Instagram post, Eisley proclaimed her admiration for Hodel’s daughters Rasha Pecoraro, and Yvette Gentile. She also expressed that she considers herself lucky that she got to bond with them. Moreover, she explained that it was a blissful experience playing their mother on-screen. Rasha Pecoraro quickly reciprocated the emotions by also sharing a throwback behind the set picture.

Fauna Hodel’s Daughter Remember Their Role Model

Hodel’s daughters hold a lot of admiration for their departed mother’s strength and genius. In fact, in memory of the departed soul, Gentile wrote;

“Blessed Beyond Measure to know what love truly is and feels like Thank you Mom for showering us with all your love and Guiding us even in our most desperate times of grief I thank you. I miss you, I love you, I hear you, and I see you. I can also feel your everlasting presence.”

Fauna Hodel’s Daughters Thank I Am The Night For Celebrating Their Mother’s Heroism

With India Eisley constantly reminding them of their departed mother, it must be a difficult experience for them to watch the show. The Hodel sisters’ however, seem to realize well the social importance of I am the Night.

Rasha Pecoraro writes,

“My sister Yvette and I have done dozens of interviews.Yvette and I are honored to bring Mom’s compelling story to life, but if there was a magic wand to bring her back to life in exchange for taking all of this fame and notoriety away, I would do everything in my power to make it happen. As exciting as all of this is, it still breaks my heart that she is not physically here with us. I hope people remember that when they are saying hurtful things about us, or our family. I just pray that people learn to live with LOVE, the way our Mom did every single day. Putting yourself out there for the world to see takes a lot of courage, but it also opens Pandora’s Box, and the world can be evil at times. I am hoping that I can do my best to live a life of ALOHA despite any evil that may come our way. I hope the rest of the world can (and will) do the same. Mahalo for coming on this journey with all of us. “