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Ian Somerhalder on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Are you ready to glue your eyes to an amazing view on your screens without even blinking? Our precious Damon Salvatore is a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show this week! That’s right! Ian Somerhalder, the charming Luther Swann from VWars is all over our screens, as he must be yours. Since his Valentine’s Day post, we were thinking he is taking a little break and just having an adorable retreat with wife, Nikki Reed, and daughter, Bodhi Soliel Reed Somerhalder. However, in spite of his lack of social media posts, seems like he is doing just alright as he just appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show this past week.

Ian Somerhalder on the Kelly Clarkson Show

So, seems like Ian had his weekend packed at the show with Kelly and the Wilson Philips girls. Carnie Philips seemed to be pretty excited about meeting the vampire turned human (only on-screen) as she scooted closer to Ian while Kelly asked Ian if he had met the girls before. It was adorable. But also, we SO wish that was us.

‘Sorry I Keep creeping over here a little bit’ Carnie joked.

Kelly piled on saying ‘It’s the gravitational pull, haha’

True though.

Rob Lowe Hilarious Meeting with Nikki Reed

Also, Ian disclosed that his wife, Nikki Reed was once told by Rob Lowe that Ian Somerhalder will be looking like him in 15 years. The way he narrated it was hilarious!

He… He was so sweet, he walked up to my wife. He walked up to Nikki Reed at a; I think it was a Golden Globes party or something; and he walks up to her and he grabs her face and says, ‘this is what you’re going to be looking at in fifteen years.’

So… that’s something to ponder over. You can watch the clip here and do let us know whether you think Ian Somerhalder looks like Rob Lowe or not.