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Ian Somerhalder talks Earth Day 2020

Ian Somerhalder talks Earth Day 2020

Despite these unprecedented and uncertain times, it’s vital for us to care for our planet. We mustn’t forget that climate change is still an ongoing crisis. Actor and Environmentalist Ian Somerhalder points out that it is resulting in various unforeseen catastrophes. Along with COVID- 19, climate change is a challenge that we must face as it is expected to have long term implications that will not only affect us but also generations to come. It’s imperative that we work together with scientists and experts to solve both crises together and form a sustainable future. The Vampire Diaries star is passionate about everything he puts his focus on. And we all know how passionate Ian is about preserving our planet. While most of us busy panicking over Coronavirus, Ian Somerhalder takes out time on Earth Day 2020 to raise climate change awareness.

Ian Somerhalder provides vital information on Earth Day 2020

In commemoration of Earth Day 2020, it was going to be the premiere of Ian Somerhalder’s Kiss The Ground Documentary in New York. He is obviously devastated about it as he mentions in the caption,

Today I would have been in New York City at the global premiere of our film KISS THE GROUND @kisstheground !!! We’re so grateful to be a part of @tribecafilmfestival and so very sad we’re not there!

In the post for Earth Day 2020, Ian Somerhalder goes on to highlight the importance of assessing the values of our communities. He asks the people to look into how much this chaos surrounding COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) is affecting our lives. Along with a couple of his acquaintances, Ian has stated the #TogetherWeCan Earth Day Initiative. The initiative is just an oath from every citizen from the world to do at least one thing every day to help our planet. It does not involve any specifics! You can be anywhere in the world and commit to one cause at a time! 

We love to see how committed Ian Somerhalder is towards his causes. Earth Day 2020 just proves that the man is unstoppable when it comes to the things he loves. And we dig it!