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As Another Parkland Victim Loses His Life, Chelsea Handler Kickstarts A Guna Control Campaign

As Another Parkland Victim Loses His Life, Chelsea Handler Urges America For A Gun Control Campaign

Even a year after the lethal Parkland shooting, its gnawing aftermath continues taking innocent teenagers’ lives. Today, another Parkland shooting survivor has reportedly taken his own life. This tragedy comes only days after a similar misfortune, where the family of another Stoneman Douglas High School student, Sydney Aiello, confirmed that she died by suicide after struggling with immense survivor’s guilt.

While the continuing setbacks manage to direct immediate mental health resources to the afflicted areas, they have failed to; however, ignite dialogues about gun control in a more sensible light. Comedian Chelsea Handler feels strongly about the urgency to reconsider gun laws in America. Handler is now calling ‘everyone’ to raise their voices about the problem.

Chelsea Handler Calls For An Immediate Gun Control Campaign

In a recent tweet, Handler described the problem given the brutal Parkland shootings. She also reprimanded those simply becoming a part of the problem by ignoring it altogether.

Handler writes about how socio-political heedlessness is ‘failing’ innocent children across the USA. Chelsea Handler does not want any more suffering. Hence, for that reason, to campaign for gun control in their best capacity.

Mental Healthcare May Relieve The Parkland Shooting Survivors, But It Won’t Stop More Shootings

She is not wrong for blaming fallacious gun laws as the driving force behind the ongoing tragedies. People responded with different attitudes to Chelsea Handler as she called them to raise their voices for gun control. While some concurred, others asserted that the situation calls for more attention to be paid to mental health at the moment. And there is nothing wrong with that too.

But at least prompt actions are being taken to resolve the latter. According to the Herald, more than 60 school, county, city, child services, law enforcement officials, mental health specialists, teachers, and parents met for an emergency meeting on Sunday afternoon to discuss taking action to address mental health issues. But as for the case of gun control, there have been no big-scale discussions. Some people are yet to realize it is a taxing problem.

Chelsea Handler is just one person, and the Parkland shootings are just one tragic example. The heart of America is bleeding, and stitches won’t help unless there is a guarantee that some unhinged criminal won’t be on the loose again. The Parkland shooting survivors may have endured the tragedy, but they are all victims considering the psychological impact the shootings have imbued on their brains, probably forever. Mental health is a bipartisan issue, but so is gun control. And prevention is always better than cure.