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High School Musical Series season 2 Story line

High School Musical: The Musical: The series is a Disney+ rendition of the Disney Movies Trilogy, High School Musical. So, the first was great. It was all about how the students at East High were working to bring the production of High School Musical Original together. Actors like Joshua Bassett, Olivia Rodrigo, and Matt Cornett take up roles of high school students who then take up roles in the school’s production of High School Musical! The season 1 finale aired on January 10th, 2020. Now, as most fans may wonder, what’s the word on season 2 of the show?

The season 2 of the High School Musical was announced even before the season 1 of the show aired. Season 1 aired in November 2019 so you can probably expect season 2 to be out somewhere around September or October of 2020.

Although, they already recreated the infamous High School Musical. What will be the storyline for the second season? The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 production is probably in the works so, this question is becoming rather recurring.

The High School Musical Series Season 2 Storyline.

Tim Federle, the showrunner for The High School Musical, had a talk with Entertainment Weekly and this is his statement,

The outpouring of love and support for season 1 has been incredibly exciting, and I’m thrilled that the Wildcats are putting on Beauty and the Beast in season 2,

It was one of the first Broadway shows I ever saw, when I was 14, and it’s got all the perfect metaphors for the high school experience: Do people judge me for how I look? What is true love? Will I achieve the future I dream of? And, perhaps most importantly, it’s got dancing forks.

Well, Tim got us at the dancing forks part.

According to all recent sources, we will see the same cast return for their new production. It will be fun to see how the Beauty and The Beast bit plays out in the High School Musical Series.