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Great! Kristen Bell Recently Shared ‘TRUE Caregiving Stories’ Poster

The Frozen fame, Kristen Bell has recently shared the TRUE caregiving stories poster on her Instagram account. The ‘Bad Moms’ actress is in full swing to create awareness about the prostate cancer patients caregiver’s hard work through TRUE Love contest.

Kristen Wrote, “I’m joining forces with the @prostatecancerfoundation again this year to spread the L❤️VE and shine a light on the caregivers who often go unnoticed”.

A swarm of followers obviously supported Kristen in her cause.  She even released her interview with Dr Drew. They both discussed Prostate Cancer Awareness in a video.

It seems that 2019 is a season for celebrities to run support movements.

Joining the long list of celebrities doing something for the greater good, Kristen Bell is on a mission to raise awareness about the selfless contribution of prostate cancer caregivers in serving humanity via TRUE Caregiving Campaign.

What Is The Reality Of TRUE Caregiving Campaign

TRUE campaign genuinely credits caregivers of prostate cancer patients. These caregivers perhaps include family members like parents, spouses, siblings or children. However, partners, nurses, doctors, and friends also fall in the caregiver category. Unfortunately, in the U.S. only, at every fourth minute, doctors diagnose a patient with prostate cancer. At present, there are about 3 million men just in the U.S.  suffering from prostate cancer.

Why Kristen Bell Is So Considerate About Prostate Cancer Caregivers

Following the trend of compassionate celebrities, Kristen Bell is ardently serving humanity.  She has put all her efforts in spreading the mission of the TRUE campaign. Moreover, realizing the sensitive vision of the True campaign, the celebrity has also announced a special gift for the winner of the 2nd Annual TRUE  Love Contest. The contest, however, is a competition where participants have to submit the most inspirational caregiver story. The most motivating story will win a caregiving prize. Last year also Kristen awarded the contest winners in March.

The award-winning actress is the daughter of a devoted nurse. She, in fact, understands the vital role of a cancer patient’s caregiver.  Because her own father- in law is battling with the same disease. She, therefore, realizes the worth of sincere caregivers in the prevailing ignorant surroundings.

Who Can Enter The TRUE Love Contest

Whether the participant is a caregiver or he /she is just honouring a special caregiver who has supported the prostate cancer patient, The True caregiving Campaign will consider true yet inspiring cancer patient-caregiver story.

Kristen has clearly stated about her  eager association with the campaign,

“I am honoured to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation with their TRUE LOVE contest honouring caregivers for the month of February. Their selflessness and hard work is so admirable. And I wanted to give love and recognition to all of these unsung heroes over this Valentine’s season.”

PCF will announce the most inspirational story on February 28th and the winner will receive a special care package from Kristen Bell. The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the leading philanthropic organization funding and supporting prostate cancer and other research.