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Florence by Mills Introduces New Peel Off Mask

Florence by Mills Introduces New Peel Off Mask

Florence by Mills is one of our favorite cosmetics lines out there. In fact, we think it’s the perfect range for pre-teens and teenagers who have just started using makeup. The makeup line was started by Millie Bobby Brown, famously known as Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things. She is only 15 and has come up with the kind of makeup that girls like her need and appreciate. Natural, lightweight, and youthful. The entire line is cruelty-free and vegan, so that’s even better. We love all of her products, and now she has introduced an all-new peel-off mask! Keep reading to find out more.

Florence By Mills

What is Florence By Mills all about? Well, it is something unique from all other cosmetic brands out there. This is not about heavy full, coverage camouflage foundations or full glam lashes. This is dedicated to younger girls who are new to makeup and want something tailored to their needs.

The best part about it is that Millie Bobbi Brown has personalized her products in a way that they appeal to the younger audience. And she has created them keeping in mind that they’re for a specific age group. You can get anything: concealers, lippies, skin care, and bb-creams- all lightweight, sheer and beautiful for a youthful and natural look.

Like the ‘cheek me later’ tint for a soft flush of color on the cheeks

Introducing new peel-off masks!

Skincare is all the rage, and Florence By Mills already has a fantastic skin-care range too.

There is a dreamy dew moisturizer, clean magic face wash, swimming under-the-eye gel pads, a look-alive eye balm, and a face mask.

Well, what do we have now? All-new peel-off mask for healthy glowing skin. The mind-glowing peel-off mask (the pink one) is already a fan favorite. Now we have the low-key calming peel-off masks. The duo of masks looks shimmery and delicious! According to Florence By Mills, the “masks work in perfect harmony to reveal chill, happy skin.”

The new low-key calming peel-off mask helps calm and soothe the skin and refresh the skin.

The new product looks fantastic! We’re so excited to try it out. The 16 wishes collection, including the new mask, is set to launch tomorrow at 9 am. So grab yours as soon as you can.