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You Need To See The Aesthetic Florence by Mills 16 Wishes Collection!

Florence by Mills 16 Wishes Collection Reveal

Our favorite girly makeup brand, Florence By Mills has released the super aesthetic and much-anticipated 16 Wishes Collection. And the moment we laid our eyes on it, it stole our heart! You need to see it too because this young girl has just stepped up a notch in the makeup business by creating this new collection. So we won’t make you wait much longer. Let us dive into the cutest makeup goodies you’ve ever seen. And of course, we have the details you’ll need, too.

Florence by Mills | 16 Wishes Collection

So the 16 Wishes Collection is the newest addition to the beauty brands’ products. And this time, Millie Bobby Brown has come up with something like never before.

The 16 wishes collection has an amazing new eyeshadow palette. And it has an interesting concept going too. Basically, the palette is divided into three magnetic pieces. So it’s a very innovative way to gain portability and ease of use. Not only that but we love the theme of this entire collection. It’s all about dreamy, cloudy skies and is such a treat to look at.

Take a look at the 16 Wishes eyeshadow palette here.

The more interesting part is that Millie named each shade in the palette according to the values she holds most close to her in life such as Freedom, Hope, Optimism, and Love. The palette includes 16 shades of neutral and shimmery pops of colors. It costs £34.

More in the collection

The Florence By Mills 16 Wishes collection also includes three new shimmering shades of ‘get glossed’ lipgloss. It is a non-sticky formula, infused with shea butter and vitamin E.

The new shades also come with newly designed caps. Oh so pleasing to the eyes!

The three new shades are Birthday Mills, Dreamy Mills and Radiant Mills. The price for one gloss is $12.

And it also has the amazing new better together peel-off masks that we talked about earlier. In two different colors and types. The shimmering face masks look so heavenly. They’re truly a treat for the skin. And the duo is available for a reasonable price of $22.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to grab these goodies before it’s too late. They’re available at the Florence By Mills website as well as Ulta.