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Father-Daughter Duo Singing Senorita At The Ellen Show Will Make Your Day

Father-Daughter Duo Singing Senorita At The Ellen Show Will Make Your Day

A few weeks back, a video went viral on social media which showed a father singing “Senorita” with his daughter. It’s a beautiful song by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello. And the father-daughter duo singing Senorita together melted many hearts because the daughter is just 4 years old.  The viral video was such a huge success that Ellen called them on their show. The adorable duo performed live for the audience and it again melted many hearts.

Father-Daughter Duo Details

Father, Nick Casas, is an American Tik Tok star. His Tik Tok account has more than a million fans due to their singing performances. And he also posts songs covers on his YouTube channel which currently has 16k+ subscribers at the moment. Nick himself is 27-year old whereas his daughter Sienna is 4-year old. Both of them have been posting vlogs from quite some time. But then things changed for them when Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabelo themselves saw their song cover and shared it on their social media handles.

Sienna is a talented and brilliant artist at such a young age. She can even do beatboxing. One of their fans loved the Senorita cover so much that he commented this on YouTube a month ago.

Ellen thoroughly enjoyed interviewing the father-daughter duo on her show. Father, Nick confessed when Shawn Mendes reposted their video, he almost fell on the escalator. They were overwhelmed with the response they received on the video. When Ellen asked Sienna what’s her favorite part of The Ellen show Sienna said,

That you change lifes.

Sienna told Ellen she is singing for a long time. And she wants to be a singer and join the police when she grows up. She also explained she wants to join the police so she can help her father Nick. Whereas, Nick told Ellen that they have been singing since Sienna was in the womb. After she was born, she used to enjoy music and hum in the beginning. Then they started singing and now she can perform very well. Ellen gifted a whole bunch of Unicorn themed gifts to Sienna as she loves unicorns. She also gifted a Hawaii trip to the family as they have not been to a vacation from some time.

You can find their covers of Jonas Brothers-Sucker, Miley Cyrus-The Climb, and other songs on their YouTube channel.