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Why Family Guy Is No Longer On Adult Swim

The famous animated series, Family Guy, is almost seen by everyone. The famous characters in the series are timeless and are loved by generations. Moreover, in the present times of meme culture, they are widely used in form of reaction videos and memes on Twitter and Instagram. Seth McFarlane’s series has taken over 12 Emmy Awards Nominations. It has won three Emmys and is currently in the middle if its 20th season. It is said that the network which adapted it called “Adult Swim” saved the career of Family Guy. However, the news is that this network will no longer air the show’s episodes.

What happened to ‘Family Guy’ in Past?

23 year old iconic show, ‘Family Guy’ was cancelled by Fox in 2002 after 3 seasons. In the slot of this iconic show, the other shows such as ‘Friends’ and ‘Survivor’ were present as well. However, Family Guy failed to compete thus it was scrapped. After this show was cancelled, Cartoon Network came to the rescue. It aired reruns of this particular show on the network ‘Adult Swim’. According to Entertainment Weekly, the show on Adult Swim gathered an insane amount of fans. Moreover, the viewership at this network increased by 239 %. There was a possibility that Family Guy would never return after its cancellation. However, due to Adult Swim it came right back in the game in no time.

Why Adult Swim will no longer broadcast the show?

Now, fans are shocked why Adult Swim is dropping Family Guy. What is the reaction from both sides who have spent more than a century together? According to AV club, ‘Adult Swim’s syndication rights for series expired on September 18th’. After that it stated airing on Disney owned cable FXX. FXX (it is owned by Disney now) has recently announced a deal to secure the whole show. It means that the era of this show on Adult Swim has finally ended. It is noticed that the last episode of the show was followed by ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ and ‘Birdgirl’ to give a farewell to the legendary show ‘Family Guy’.