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F is for family season 4 episode list Is here!

F is for family season 4 episode list Is here!

All the fans of F is for Family are left with a void in their lives ever since season 3 ended. There has been no F is for Family season 4 release date, no trailer, no teaser, and no teaser trailer! I mean, we only have some sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes. That’s pretty much it. However, we do know some things about season 4. For instance, we have episode titles!

Here is the official list of the episode titles of Season 4:

  1. Father Confessor
  2. Nothing Is Impossible
  3. Bring Me A Tooth
  4. The “B” Word
  5. Just Breathe
  6. Come to Papa
  7. R is for Rosie
  8. Murphy and Son
  9. Land Ho!
  10. Baby, Baby, Baby

There you have it!

The titles of the upcoming fourth season are here but we are still not aware of where the story will go exactly.

What the episode titles reveal

The 6th and 8th episodes have interesting titles. There are hints that it could mean that we will see more about Frank’s relationship with his own father.

A fan wanted a hint of Frank’s father’s personality and the official account of ‘FIFF’ writers replied saying they should watch the 3rd season’s 9th episode. It is when Frank (Bill Burr) talked about his own fractured relationship with his father.

When another fan asked a deeper question of how his childhood affected Frank’s personality now, the writers replied with this:

You know what this means! Flashback episode! I mean, a girl can hope. Flashback episodes definitely do help in creating empathy for a complicated and flawed character such as Frank.

We may see that in either ‘Murphy and Son’ or ‘Come to Papa’.

The 7th episode is titled ‘R is for Rosie’. That is referring to the character of Rosie (Kevin Michael Richardson), Frank’s old colleague that used to work with him at the airport. Seems like we will see an episode dedicated to just Rosie’s story!

What we want to see in 4th season

We do know that we will see Frank Murphy (Bill Burr) tackle new struggles as he gets a new child. We will probably see some character development occur here. Plus, good things need to happen to Frank Murphy because he has suffered for way too long! He might find happiness on a journey of rectifying his flaws.

I, for one, am hoping that we will see Sue Murphy (Laura Dern) fully realize her career. She had some pretty great ideas but the patriarchal system prevents her from truly excelling in her career.

‘The “B” Word’ title may revolve around Sue’s story because in the olden times ambitious and confident women were often called the ‘B’ word. I’m assuming the ‘B’ word is referring to ‘bitch’. I could be wrong! But I hope I’m not.

Meanwhile, their children are on a path of discovery of their own where Kevin (Justin Long) will try to make his band stand for something. Let’s see if their sister Maureen Murphy (Debi Derryberry) gets the chance to follow her mathematical and scientific pursuits. The middle child. Bill Murphy (Hayley Reinhart), should get a focused arc on him too!

F is for Family Season 4 Release Date

We recently found out that the release date will lie somewhere in March or April 2020! It’s been officially confirmed by the showrunners.