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Erika Costell Partners Up with Victoria’s Secret Again

Although Erika Costell did not walk the Victoria's Secret fashion show, she has partnered with them again posing in their new collection.

The popular YouTuber and model Erika Costell might have broken up with boyfriend Jake Paul. But that does not mean her share of the spotlight is over. After attending the last Victoria’s Secret fashion show as their guest, Costell has partnered up with the brand again. But looks like this time she is actually wearing outfits for their promotion. As for the previous show, she did not walk the runway for them. She just attended as a front row guest who had access to backstage preparation with all the models. But do you think this time it may go a step further? Will she be joining Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima as models for the lingerie company?

Erika Costell Comes Together With Victoria’s Secret For ‘Incredible’ Collection

Erika Costell took to Instagram to share pictures of herself in front of the ‘Incredible by Victoria’s Secret’ backdrop. The popular model posed with Alexina Graham, and then alone while in the shop’s outlet. Although Erika was not flaunting any of the designs publicly, you can spot her pink Incredibles bra in the second picture. She added in the caption that it was an incredible day at Victoria’s Secret. Well, that’s one direct reference to the collection she is promoting. Above the post, she even added the paid partnership label so we know for sure she isn’t doing this for fun only.

Erika Costell’s History with Victoria’s Secret

Back in November last year, Erika created a buzz on social media teasing a surprise. While some fans expected it to be related to Paul, she announced that she was going to attend the VS fashion show as their guest. But she was not going to walk the runway. Instead, she would be seated in the front row, and even have access to the backstage where models prepared.

In her vlogs prior to the show, Erika showed her followers how she went for an exclusive workout with Victoria’s Secret trainer, Stephen Pasterino. She went to the Beauty Lounge Med Spa for using a new treatment EmSculpt which helped tone her butt and abdomen. The vlogger gave her followers an exclusive look into her fittings for the event.

Erika Costell is an American YouTuber, model and singer/songwriter. In 2017, Costell released her single “Jerika” with Jake Paul featuring DJ Kade. It charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Hot 100.