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Donald Trump Makes Twitter Halloween Headline As ‘Failed Trick or Treat’

There are ways to make headlines and then some. The POTUS made sure that he went on headlines even though it was Halloween and every child was busy with their Trick or Treats. A Halloween video is on Twitter where Donald Trump met a fail as one child approached him to get his treats. Trump’s news is always something.

Twitter Catch Donald Trump

According to a White House tradition, every year the president and first lady have to pass out candies to overzealous “Trick or Treat”ing children on Halloween. However, just like any other day, Donald Trump made sure to make even this event his very own. A video emerged on Twitter where Donald Trump was handing out Hershey’s chocolate bars to children in costumes on Halloween night. When one excited child showed up dressed as a Minion from Despicable Me, things became odd. Instead of handing kid the candy, the president placed the chocolate bar on top of his head. To make it even more absurd, Donald Trump’s wife placed her candy on top of the head too.

Now, the child clearly couldn’t reach his head as his costume’s giant head made it impossible. Hence, with a slight movement, the candy slipped down and fell to the floor. Luckily for the kid, the President’s aide was there to help the child with the candy and place it in their bag. Shouldn’t Trump had done this in the first place? Yes, but then again he wouldn’t have been on the news on Halloween either.  Plus, Chrissy Teigen wouldn’t have quoted the video on Twitter as well. Here is what she said:

“I really try to give this weirdo the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I was like oh maybe he isn’t carrying a bag. But he is.”

Donald Trump on Twitter has already started receiving a ton of criticism because of this small video, with people tagging the Real Donald Trump. One Twitter user even said,

“I just showed this to my coworker who is lowkey a trump supporter & he just argued me down that it’s because the kid didn’t have a bag. HE DOES, but let’s say he didn’t. Is placing a chocolate bar on the kid’s head the best solution? his supporters are dedicated to his stupidity.”

Hoping for better luck the next year, Mr. Trump!