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Does Dr Phil Have a Doctorate Degree Or Not? Time To Find Out!

In case you may not know, Phillip Calvin McGraw, or commonly known as Dr. Phil, is an American TV personality. He is a host of his TV show, called Dr Phil, and also runs an online doctor app by the same name. He studied clinical psychology and regularly gives relationship and life advice to people on and off his show. Though, people question his legitimacy. So what’s the catch? Does Dr. Phil have a doctorate degree or not?

Dr. Phil Is Not THAT Doctor!

To be honest, the question is not if Dr. Phil has a doctorate degree or not. It’s mostly if he is a real doctor or not. Dr. Phil first became famous when Oprah Winfrey invited him to her show The Oprah Winfrey Show. His team had recently helped her in some lawsuit and to thank him, she gave him an invite.

After his postgraduate studies, he earned a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas. Even though he has a doctorate degree, he is still not allowed to practice psychology. However, just like any other Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Phil McGraw is allowed to put a “Dr” in front of his name. People just usually confuse him of being a medical physician since he has become famous now.

After The Oprah Winfrey Show, in September 2002, Dr. Phil launched his show where he tackles relationship struggles and gives advice to people.

The Conclusion?

The fact that we all confuse Dr. Phil of being an actual medical physician is common since he uses his name for his fame really well. Also, because we do not tend to investigate the real deal about most things around us in our lives. Quite frankly, the details of his educational background are given on his website.

Conclusively, holding a Ph.D. in a medical subject does not make you a licensed doctor. Dr. Phil McGraw may not be an actual doctor, but his years of giving advice to people on medical and relationship stuff form a cover around him. However, his website also provides a disclaimer to the visitors about his content. It says that the material on his website is for entertainment and educational purposes only. A licensed mental health professional does not approve of this.