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Disney Stars Lilo And Stitch Coming On As Live-Action Movie

Disney Stars Lilo And Stitch Coming On As Live-Action Movie

This one is for all the Disney fans out there: “Lilo and Stitch” are coming back on Disney+ in a live-action movie. The Hawaiian star along with her “pet dog” is one of the favourite characters from the early Disney Channel shows. Beginning back in 2002, the show is getting a live-action movie now, which is one of the many ways Disney will try to promote Disney+, its flagship streaming service. The remake will obviously also include a CGI Stitch, suggesting that it will be given life-like looks and expressions.

Lilo and Stitch Coming Back In A Live-Action Remake

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news about the Lilo and Stitch remake project. Mike Van Waes will take on the role for scripts and Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will take on production. Remember, these two have already set their benchmark in Hollywood for their live-action remake of Aladdin.

For those who don’t know, the Lilo and Stitch story revolves around a lonely child in Hawaii (Lilo), who comes across a dog-like alien (Stitch). The alien is actually an engineered creature, made for destruction and mayhem, but runs away from his captives. Its cartoon show hit the hearts of many children with humour, adventure, and Stitch’s fun-loving, innocent and wee-bit destructive nature.

Disney+ also confirmed the news about the live-action movie. They are saying that it has a budget of around $60 million and will only be exclusive to the streaming service. The filming will also take place in Hawaii to keep the surroundings as natural as possible. The reports also talk about Chris Sanders returning to the voice duty for alien-dog Stitch. Take a look at the full news below:

Lilo and Stitch, Disney Live Action

There is not much to go about on the news of the coming movie. However, do note here that creator Van Waes is famous for a number of his horror works. He has penned down The Crooked Man as well as The Conjuring 2. He as also worked on Not in Kansas, which is a Wizard of Oz-themed horror entertainment. Does this suggest that Lilo and Stitch will also have a somewhat horror or spooky flavour to this?

One thing we all really want to see is an accurate depiction of Stitch. That’s for sure!