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Devin Haney calls Ryan Garcia “the true definition of a coward”

In a recent Twitter feud, boxer Devin Haney lashed out on fellow boxer Ryan Garcia, calling him "the true definition of a coward".

So, things are getting heated up between WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia. Instead of the boxing ring, things flared up between them on Twitter, where Haney went on a tirade against Garcia. In his rant, Haney even referred to Garcia as “the true definition of a coward”. And in response, Garcia didn’t go easy on him either.m

Devin Haney’s Twitter feud with Ryan Garcia

On June 1, Haney pretty much had enough of Ryan Garcia. The defending lightweight champion wrote a series of tweets against Garcia, claiming how he was a complete coward while highlighting his hypocrisy. Haney tweeted:

Ryan Garcia is the true definition of a coward… a few weeks ago he wanted sympathy because he was having “Mental Health issues” this week he talking sh*t about me… it’s funny now he came out after Javier fortuna found another opponent

Furthermore, Haney continued to berate Ryan Garcia, claiming he was scared of fighting Venezuelan boxer Jorge Linares:

These comments by Haney were a response to Garcia’s IG story uploaded after Devin Haney’s fight against Linares, where Haney defeated the latter by unanimous decision. In it, he captioned:

I would’ve slept you

Linares really gave Haney a tough time in the 10th round. Otherwise, the ultimate victor of the match was never really in doubt. However, it looks like its feud could lead to a potential fight between Garcia and Haney. And it would be a special one, with the lightweight championship in line along with their egos. It might be a while till the match actually happens. However, there’s no harm for either of these two to get the hype machine rolling.