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Demi Lovato Thanks Influencer Nikita Dragun

Our pop-diva Demi Lovato is a total queen. We love her! Also, being herself, she loves everyone around her and is probably one of the most humbling celebrities in town. She’s grateful for life and literally to everyone in her life. In her latest post, Demi posed over a yellow sports car (which looked totally amazing) and although the picture seemed a little bit off the norm, Demi credited the YouTuber and Make-up artist, Nikita Dragun for taking the photo.

Singer Demi Lovato tags Nikita Dragun!

We love ourselves some Demi Lovato love. So we can only imagine how good the 23-year-old Trans YouTuber feels. Nikita Dragun is pretty popular among her fans and YouTube following of almost 2.4 Million. Demi Lovato thanked the gorgeous beauty that is Nikita Dragun for the photo saying;


Idk who’s car this is but thanks for the photo op 💋 📷: @nikita_dragun 💛

Nikita, too happy about her blurry picture taking skills being posted, shared Demi’s post to her Instagram story adding;

My blurry pic aesthetic goes off. (insert one too many emojis.)

Nikita sure has been making her way into the industry. Since you know, she even attended the Grammys this year. Although, that did not come without retaliation. So, it is safe to say that Nikita’s fans may not be the most supportive as she forms connections in the industry.

She’s always killing it and serving looks, but we all know she doesn’t need to be there. She’s an influencer, not a musical artist.

This was one of the comments about Nikita’s Instagram post. 

Although it seems like Nikita was having none of it as she slammed the comment right down with her response.

They gave me a check to go. So honestly, I’m just doing my job.

Also, who doesn’t love themselves some good love shown to the trans community? Since there’s so much going on in this world, we can only hope people like Demi Lovato are always there to give some love.