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David Chase Reveals His Favorite Moment From The Sopranos Finale

David Chase Reveals His Favorite Moment From The Sopranos Finale

In an interview, David Chase reveals his favorite moment from The Sopranos series finale, but it's not what you think it is.

There are few shows whose finale is debated as fiercely as The Sopranos. People still remember that cut-to-black, which made everyone think something was wrong with their cable connection. Now, regardless of what we think of the finale, David Chase is set on his favorite scene from ‘Made in America‘. And not the one that springs to your mind.

Which scene from the finale does David Chase love?

Whenever The Sopranos finale is mentioned anywhere, the Holsten’s scene pops into our minds. After all, it’s one of the most controversial final scenes in Television history. But, David Chase had a different scene in mind when talking about the finale. In an interview with Television Academy, David Chase revealed his favorite scene from ‘Made in America‘:

I loved the scene with Junior at the end. I loved everything with Junior, especially in that episode. When Janice tells Junior, ‘Bobby’s dead,’ and Junior says, ‘Ambassador Hotel!’ And she says, ‘Your Bobby!’ That was one of my favorite moments.

David Chase Reveals His Favorite Moment From The Sopranos Finale

Other than the Sopranos finale, David Chase recalled another scene from the episode ‘Twilight Zone‘. And it’s a detail that many may have skipped, but it made Chase laugh a lot:

Something that nobody would care about was when they were going to the mattresses, there was a Twilight Zone episode playing about a TV writer. That was one of my favorites. That Twilight Zone, it was a critique and a slam of network television, and it was very funny.

What about the cut-to-black?

Of course, how could an interview with David Chase end without bringing up ‘that’ scene from The Sopranos finale? Chase said that

Every time I talk about that ending, I get myself in deeper and deeper.

However, David Chase did accidentally pretty much confirm what happened to Tony Soprano in the finale in a previous interview. He said:

Yes, I think I had that death scene around two years before the end (finale)…

The interviewer promptly reminded Chase that he referred to that final scene as a death scene. To that, Chase replied, “F*ck you guys”. But, it indirectly gave everyone a confirmation of what that scene really meant. However, his favorite scene makes perfect sense. Uncle Junior was one of the finest characters on the show, and his final moment with Tony (James Gandolfini) brought tears into a lot of people’s eyes. Of all the things he did and achieved in North Jersey as a mob boss, the one thing he remembered was playing catch with his nephew Tony. It was a perfect ending to his arc in The Sopranos finale, much like the rest of the characters. And despite the controversy, it will always be remembered as a memorable and fantastic finale.

Recently, David Chase has also confirmed in an interview that Tony Soprano did indeed die in the finale, putting to rest fan theories that lasted more than a decade.