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Danielle Kind Sheds Light On Human Trafficking Issue

Actress Danielle Kind known as Dani K has taken to Instagram to shed some light on the human trafficking issue which has become a $150 billion industry.

The popular Workin Moms actress Danielle Kind is opening up about a very serious issue in today’s society. She decided to shed some light on how human trafficking is becoming a $150 million market. Not just that, but she elaborated on this social evil consuming the society with its injustice.

Danielle Kind From Workin Moms Talks About Human Trafficking Market

Dani Kind posted a picture of herself wearing a casual jeans and a t-shirt. She expressed in the caption that the jeans were from Outland Denim which had an amazing jeans collection together with an incredible message. Apparently, the company is highlighting how the denim jean market is $65 billion while the human trafficking one is $150 million.

The Workin Moms Danielle Kind also elaborated on the issue describing it as a modern form of slavery. She provided statistical figures to support her claims adding that the issue affected more than 40.3 million men, women, and children around the world.⁠ The United Nations has claimed that human trafficking has reached an all time 13-year high. The actress further said that the issue affected all countries together. In fact, every corner of the world from developing to first world countries were all suffering equally.

Dani K claimed that traffickers earned billions of dollars every year. But this crime which exploits and manipulates human is kept in dark because of its nature. 30th of July marked the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. So, Danielle Kind encouraged her followers to spread more light on the issue.

Looks like the Workin Moms actress is set to make a change to this heinous crime by raising her voice!