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Captain America/Chris Evans Finally Meets Fan Who Made His Wig/Nail Meme

Marvel Cinematic Universe may have closed several doors on its Avengers franchise, but it doesn’t. mean that fan love has ceased for the same. When this year the Shamus brothers teamed up to engage the global community of superheroes. fans at the prolific ACE Comic Con, little did they have an idea that the fan turnout would be so huge. The Superhero world is at the ACE Comic Con this time, as, after all, it is a world-class affair.

Chris Evans (Captain America), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), and Don Cheadle (War Machine). were all on hand to answer fan questions and discuss everything, Marvel. In fact, the one auspicious fan-celebrity interaction led. Chris Evans to meet the girl who created his famous wig/ nails meme.

Mark Wahlberg Infinite Scarlett Johansson Instagram 

The Chris Evans Nail/ Wig Meme

A few months ago, a meme surfaced on Twitter that showcased Marvel’s Captain America aka Chris Evans. in a queenly avatar, sporting manicured nails, and a sassy wig. As a matter of fact, there were several versions of the meme, each where Evans would sport a different pop-colored avatar. Mark Wahlberg Infinite Scarlett Johansson Instagram 

The meme turned Chris Evans into a real sass queen who has long acrylic nails and says ‘period’. Yep, this is why fans find him the best Chris in Hollywood. Sorry, Hemsworth.


There were several people photoshopping Evans’ pictures with wigs and nails. Ultimately, the storm of photoshopped memes enticed Evans’ attention. and he jokingly permitted his fans to carry on with the creative work. Mark Wahlberg Infinite Scarlett Johansson Instagram 

Chris Evans aka Captain America Meets The Fan Who Started The Wig/ Nail Meme

While there were several people simultaneously designing the meme, the real mastermind behind the trend turned up at the ACE Comic Con.

The fan, Nicole, showed up to meet Evans at the Comic Con. And just as she got a picture with her celebrity icon, she quickly rushed to her hotel to create more edits with the new material.

While she was at it, Nicole attempted to make her meme business more worthwhile. She partnered with the StoneWall Foundation Fundraiser, and through her memes, he was able to raise more than a thousand dollars.

Mark Wahlberg To Replace Chris Evans In Infinite

Evans is currently making headlines for dropping out of an upcoming Antoine Fuqua film, ‘Infinite’. Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg is reportedly tipped to replace him. The actor who has carved a niche for himself in the superhero genre with multiple transformer movies will take over from Evans who has quit the project owing to scheduling issues.

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