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Bye-Bye Brody Jenner, Daisy Keech is dating Nikita Dragun’s ex-boyfriend

While Daisy Keech’s ex-content house, the Hype House, has moved to another house trying to cut ties with her, Daisy herself has moved on to another guy. Her relationship with the famous Brody Jenner was never confirmed by any of them. The only witnesses were Paparazzi much, when they saw Daisy and Brody out for a meal. That was a couple of months ago. Now, she is busy creating content with her Clubhouse, meanwhile; launching multiple Instagram IDs for multiple purposes. Seems like Clubhouse will be posting about their adventurous trips on Clubhouse Explore. They are in Tulum, Mexico and the pictures seem to prove that Daisy is pretty much in a relationship with Michael Yerger; Nikita Dragun’s ex-boyfriend (?).

Daisy Keech moves on from Brody Jenner, dating Michael Yerger now

Fans had their jaws touching the ground when they saw Daisy Keech standing next to Michael Yerger in an intimate Instagram post shared by her. If the name sounds familiar to you, it is because the same guy was pretty much in the news when he broke up with Nikita Dragun, confirming he was never in a relationship with Niki. Apparently, Nikita paid him to pose as his boyfriend for some YouTube content.

However, the boundaries seemed to get blur after some time and they ended their agreement. No one really knows the whole truth. Fast forward to current week, Michael Yerger was seen in the Vacation Pictures of Clubhouse.


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Amazing trip to Tulum! What’s your dream place to take your closest friends? @clubhouseexplore

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Is Michael Yerger joining the Clubhouse for real? Or was it just a friendly vacation with Daisy Keech at a not-so-COVID-FREE zone?


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queen & king of the jungle

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According to Michael Yerger, that captions proves it is a solid couple.

Nikita Dragun reacts to Michael Yerger’s relationship update

Sooner or later, news was supposed to hit Nikita Dragun that Michael Yerger is dating Daisy Keech. Is she jealous? well, her tweet is more like a warning for Daisy Keech. She really does not want Daisy to get hurt?

Michael Yerger was quick to defend himself and remind Nikita that he was never her “ex” or “boyfriend” to begin with.

While Daisy Keech also spoke on the issue and asked Nikita to move on with her life and stay happy.

Nikita Dragun does not want to be tagged in any of their pictures. She is happy with her family and she had moved on.

How fans are reacting?

Well, some fans are really happy to see Daisy Keech and Michael Yerger together. Some did not even know the history Michael has with Nikita Dragun. True Nikita stans still support her and they believe Michael cheated on her while he was in a relationship with her. From Michael’s point of view, that was just a business thing when Nikita hired him.

Currently, it seems like Daisy Keech and Michael Yerger are really enjoying their time together. Only the future will tell how long this relationship will last. Apart from posting pictures together, they have not confirmed their relationship officially.