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Bryce Hall won’t be fighting with KSI in the ring anymore?

After losing to Austin McBroom in the YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight, looks like Bryce Hall won’t be fighting with KSI anymore. Previously, it was hinted that they might have a match of their own.

Bryce Hall is one of the famous TikTokers right now. He is also the ex-boyfriend of He’s All That star Addison Rae. The TikToker is also one of the top creators of the Sway House. Hall gained much popularity during his boxing fight with Austin McBroom which Austin won. It was for the YouTubers Vs. TikTokers event. The two of them had a lot of drama going on before the fight. But after McBroom won against Bryce in the fight, he was surprisingly very nice to him. Austin said very kind words to Hall on social media. Austin also asked people not to mock Bryce’s defeat and praise him for stepping up in the ring and giving it his all. Hall also said some kind words in return and put the fight to bed once and for all.

Bryce Hall and KSI’s have some on-going Beef

Bryce Hall was supposed to fight KSI after his match with Austin McBroom. KSI and Bryce are not exactly on good terms. Both of them have beef towards each other and have made fun of each other on social media as well. In one of his videos, Bryce said that KSI joked about Bryce not having a father and he certainly did not like that. The drama did not end here. KSI then reacted to Bryce’s TikToks. He posted a video which was titled ‘Try Not to Cringe’ in which he reacted to Hall’s TikToks. KSI said that there is a lot of good content on the internet but Bryce’s videos were definitely not it.

Anyway, after the Battle of the Platforms (YouTubers Vs. TikTokers event), it seems like Bryce Hall might not be fighting KSI at all. In an interview, on June 16 with Drama Alert, Bryce was asked about the possibility of the match. The TikToker responded, jokingly:

KSI is all over this. I was stirring the pot, trying to get more eyes to the event, and it worked. I’m just a fan of KSI and Deji.

As we all know that Deji recently lost in his match to Vinnie Hacker and people have been pretty brutal towards him on social media. Bryce also talked about that as well and congratulated Deji for having the courage to step into the ring.

KSI, on the other hand, had this to say about Bryce Hall’s defeat to Austin McBroom:

“It’s a shame, because he had so much talk, and just had nothing to show for it! Austin McBroom turned Bryce Hall into a bobble-head, the amount of times he was knocking his head back with those jabs and right hands. He was chatting so much sh*t, and then just got slapped. The amount of memes coming out of Bryce Hall, it’s embarrassing. And he thought he could fight me! Bryce Hall thought he could fight me! Come on, man. I would beat every single person on that card.”

Plus, KSI seems more interested in fighting Jake Paul than Bryce Hall. Though, the Paul brother lost interest in a match with KSI because as per him, KSI was making excuses to not have a fight during the pandemic.

So, it’s unclear who will get the chance to fight who at this point. But currently, you can tune in to Jake Paul’s upcoming match with Tyron Woodley.