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Bretman Rock thinks he looks like Bella Hadid After Changing his Look!

Bretman Rock thinks he looks like Bella Hadid After Changing his Look!

Now you all must be thinking what is ‘Bretman Rock doing with Bella Hadid’. This title must be a clickbait but it’s not. We know the Oola Rocky Girl always comes up with super entertaining things to amaze fans. Recently he posted a video in which he flashed his nether regions to a stalking neighbor.

Bretman literally has so much to give and he is one of my favorite influencers. And he just posted a video on his Instagram story and exclaimed that he looks exactly like Bella Hadid.

What made Bretman Rock Think That He Looks Like Bella Hadid?

Now we all know that Bella Hadid is a very pretty, sultry, and versatile fashion model. And she also loves planting and gardening like our crazy Bretman root.

So there are a lot of common things between the two. But Bretman just posted a story on his Instagram and said that he doesn’t look like Bella Hadid. So he has to remedy that:

“You guys, I have a really big announcement to make. I took off my nose ring. You know what I said to myself,  ‘Does Bella Hadid have a nose ring?’.”

Umm, we don’t think she has one. Because her nose is not pierced. So after taking off the nose ring, Bretman asked his boyfriend if he looks like the supermodel now? And he replies back with ‘Yes, without the nose ring.’

Let me attach a screenshot for you guys in case if you can’t make it to Bretman’s Instagram Story on time.

Bretman Rock

What do you guys think about this new look of Bretman? We all know how nose piercings can be a constant pain in the a*s. They get infected in the rainy season and hurt really bad. It can get infected by a runny nose too. (hehe)

Oh, and there is a piece of good news for all the Bretman fans who were concerned about his stalked neighbor. Well, Bretman is getting a new place with a very good neighborhood and he will be moving out really soon. So let’s just wish him good luck.