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Bill Gates Explains How To Fight Coronavirus

Bill Gates Explains How To Fight Coronavirus

Bill Gates talks to Trevor Noah on the Daily Social Distancing Show and tells us how to deal with Coronavirus and what the future holds.

Bill Gates has an immense amount of knowledge. And what’s best is that he isn’t shy about sharing it with others. However, this time he tells us about an issue that has the world firmly in its grip – Coronavirus. After predicting the pandemic in one of his TED talks, he tells us how to fight it and what to do next.

Bill Gates chats with Trevor Noah

Bill Gates Explains How To Fight Coronavirus with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah might be in quarantine, but that doesn’t stop him from hosting the Daily Show. Or, as he likes to call it, the Daily Social Distancing show. And even in his Manhattan apartment, he managed to ring Bill Gates. The two then take part in an interview, where Noah asks him important questions about how to fight with Coronavirus.

Gates wasn’t the only one who predicted COVID-19

Bill Gates admits that he wasn’t the only one who predicted Coronavirus all those years ago. The famous American physician and immunologist, Dr. Fauci, also predicted this virus. Moreover, Gates mentioned how MERS and SARS were also similar cases like COVID-19. However, they just weren’t as transmissible, which made things better.

Bill Gates Explains How To Fight Coronavirus
Dr. Fauci | Flickr

So, what can we do right now to fight Coronavirus?

For now, according to Bill Gates, all we can do is maintain social distancing. It has proven to be the only way to control the spread of the disease. However, if we really want to return to our old ways, then we have to work on finding a vaccine. That’s the only way life can return to normalcy.

Gates is very impressed with China and South Korea’s progress

Moreover, he also said how the lockdown imposed in China is a lot more effective than the one in the US. Plus, contract tracing in China is much more efficient, as it is more invasive due to their lack of privacy policies. As a result, China isn’t seeing a rebound and things are getting back to normal slowly, even in Wuhan.

The economic hit of the lockdown is necessary

Bill Gates also explained how lockdown is essential for at least a couple of months. By next month, the graph will start to flatten. After that, the US, in particular, can begin mass testing and contact tracing to reduce any chances of new infections. That is why trying to reopen the economy is just out of the question right now. Otherwise, it will result in a gigantic loss of life.

However, this will not be easy to impose in poorer countries like India and Nigeria. That could mean that Coronavirus cases might last longer there, which will affect air travel between these countries.

The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation can help in finding a vaccine faster!

Because of their work in eradicating Ebola and Malaria from Africa, their foundation is well-equipped to deal with a pandemic. He explained that they’ll start building factories before even the most effective vaccines are identified. Yes, it might waste a few billion dollars, but it’s worth the trillions of dollars lost because of Coronavirus. This is because it’ll help in manufacturing the vaccine quickly.

This can help save months, and every single month counts!

This is quite insightful from Bill Gates, who has worked a lot in treating epidemics. If you want to see his complete interview with Trevor Noah, click this link.