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Best Fantasy Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Best Fantasy Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

You must admit we all have wanted to live in a fantasy world at some point in our life because reality was just too much to handle. This is why fantasy movies exist! For a few hours, one can drown themself in a fantasy land and forget all about the real world. This fascinating genre takes viewers on a journey through fantastical worlds.

A place where monsters and myths exist, surprises wait around every turn, and heroes embark on thrilling and epic quests. Hence, if you are looking for something frightful, family-friendly, pulse-pounding, or the best fantasy movies of all time, this is just the right place. Here we have brought you the best fantasy movies on Netflix list for you to enjoy.

1. Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows, which is based on the same-named gothic television soap opera, is not director Tim Burton’s best work. However, it gives viewers another chance to adore his distinctively dark aesthetic. The comedic horror depicts a wealthy playboy, Barnabus, who foolishly breaks a witch’s heart. She makes him a vampire before burying him alive. He reappears two centuries later and discovers the world of the ’70s while holding a desire for vengeance. Moreover, Dark Shadows has a fantastic casting, which includes Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter.

However, the characters and plot needed much more development. Additionally, it features humorous ‘square peg in round hole’ responses from Barnabus to ’70s pop culture. If you want to watch Johnny Depp in his element, this is your go-to movie from the best fantasy movies on the Netflix list.

2. The Golden Compass

This movie in the list of best fantasy movies on Netflix is a Chris Weitz directorial that is based on Philip Pullman’s 1995 book Northern Lights, the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. It is strange that the remaining films in the series were shelved and switched to television considering they featured an all-star cast like Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen, Eva Green, and Ian McShane.

The Golden Compass starts out as the tale of a little orphan named Lyra Belacqua but it quickly expands into a complex parallel reality where each person’s soul is kept in an animal. Thus, with the use of a magical golden compass, Lyra sets out to rescue her closest friend after she and the other kids are abducted and brought north past the polar bear colony. However, this film just scratches the surface of Pullman’s intriguing world, which is based on such complex mythology.

3. Constantine

Constantine should be on your list just on the basis of the amazing chemistry that Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz share in the film. However, the film goes so much beyond that as well. This 2005 film comes from director Francis Lawrence, marking his directorial debut. It is also based on the DC Comics comic book ‘Hellblazer’. The film follows an exorcist named Constantine who is approached by Detective Angela to assist in the investigation into the passing of her twin sister. He discovers a sinister scheme when he looks closer, one that might endanger the entire world.

Constantine is an interesting tale of how there is a world beyond the one we live in. A bonus is the last leg of the film which has one of the most visually appealing showdowns there can be. Constantine definitely falls under the category of the best fantasy movies of all time that can be found on Netflix.

4. Afterlife of the Party

Afterlife of the party by director Stephen Herek is a feel-good comedy fantasy movie that is surprisingly heartfelt as well. Cassie and Lisa, two girls who have been best friends since first grade, are the focus of the movie. However, due to the fact that Lisa prefers to stay at home and Cassie loves to party, they are now starting to drift apart. One night, after a major fight between the two, Cassie passes away the next morning.

She is given the duty of being a spiritual guide for the closest people in her life, including Lisa, before being permitted to join heaven. The film is humorous while the ending may make you shed a tear or two as well. However, the highlight of this film is the amazing performances of the two leads played by Victoria Justice and Midori Francis.

5. Nightbooks

Brightburn filmmaker David Yarovesky has one of the best fantasy movies that can be found on Netflix. This would be perfect for family movie night and thrill everyone. Nightbooks is based on J. A. White’s horror-fantasy book of the same name. It centers around a Brooklyn nerd (played by Winslow Fegley). He is abducted by a nefarious witch (played by Krysten Ritter). He is imprisoned in her enchanted apartment and is required to tell her a terrifying tale every night in return for his freedom.

Fortunately, he’s not by himself. He is accompanied by a tough fellow prisoner (played by Lidya Jewett). She not only assists him in navigating this dangerous jail but also reveals the secrets that can free them both. This movie is a roaring fun time for kids (and adults) who enjoy a good jolt in the night. It is packed with PG-level scares and loads of style.

6. A Monster Calls

J.A. Bayona, a Spanish director who has already branched out into major franchise installments like Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom as well as the initial two episodes of the forthcoming Lord of the Rings series on Prime Video, is the creator of this dark fantasy drama. His coming-of-age stories, however, may be the focus of his best work. In A Monster Calls, a disturbed young boy, Connor, meets a tree that offers to narrate to him three stories in exchange for Connor telling him one back.

The film features Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell, Lewis MacDougall, and Liam Neeson in key roles. A Monster Calls is a brilliant, fascinating fantasy story with origins in darker topics, one of which is death. Of the fantasy movies on Netflix list, A Monster Calls is the best fantasy movie of all time.

7. The Old Guard

Out of the fantasy movies on the Netflix list, the Old Guard is a unique superhero film that delivers a tremendous impact throughout from its brutal action scenes to the underlying emotion found in each of its characters. It is an action thrill journey that is still overlooked today. It features Charlize Theron, who plays Andy. She is the leader of a band of eternal mercenaries. They must go on a vengeance mission after being duped by somebody they trust. The twist is that all of the group’s members possess regenerative healing skills, ensuring that they may sustain significant damage and remain alive. This is the explanation for their immortality. 

8. Bleach

Bleach is based on the well-known Japanese comic book series by Tite Kubo. It features Ichigo Kurosaki, a melancholy kid who transforms into a Soul Reaper via a noble sacrifice and a face twist. He has to put up with all the high school drama during the day. However, at night, he must aid good ghosts to find peace in the afterlife and fend off evil spirits with the assistance of his tenacious mentor Rukia Kuchiki.

Shinsuke Sato, the director of Bleach, gives the movie anime-like energy by using snappy graphics, vivacious music, a peppy tone, a torrent of spooky enemies, and fierce martial arts combat. Sôta Fukushi and Hana Sugisaki, who star in the movie, are flawlessly in sync and give charismatic performances. Bleach is another movie on this fantasy based movie list that could pose as one of the best fantasy movies of all time on Netflix.