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Best Danny McBride Movies And Tv Shows

Best Danny McBride Movies And Tv Shows

Danny McBride is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, and producer. This talented and highly respected actor has cemented his name in Hollywood through his exceptional work in comedy films. He made his acting debut in 2003 as he took the supporting role in his college friend’s film ‘All the Real Girls’. Furthermore, he wrote HBO original series, Eastbound, and Down and he also starred in it. We have made a list of the best Danny McBride Movies and Tv shows down below:

Due Date

Due Date is an American black comedy film directed by Todd Philips. It was released in 2010 and stars talented actors Robert Downey Jr. (Peter Highman), Danny McBride (Lonnie), Zach Galifianakis (Ethan Tremblay), Juliette Lewis (Heidi), Jamie Foxx (Darryl Johnson), Michelle Monaghan (Sarah Highman) and others. The movie captures the magnificent skills of these actors in the best way. The story initiates with Peter who is flying to Los Angeles to meet with his pregnant wife, Sarah. At the airport, he meets Ethan and his dog sonny. Ethan wishes to be an actor thus he has a stage name. He is on a flight to scatter the ashes of his father at the Grand Canyon. Everything is well until a terrible slip of words changes the trajectory of Ethan and Peter’s plans.

Ethan’s use of the word ‘terrorist’ and ‘bomb’ results in the duo getting kicked out and on the ‘No Fly’ list. The audience gets to witness comedy at its peak when Peter and Ethan get trapped in unfortunate events time after time. Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Adam Sztykiel, and Todd Philips have done the screenplay. Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland have written the story of this film. Todd Philips and Dan Goldberg are the producers. Due Date is one of the best movies on Danny McBride’s Movies and Tv Shows list.

This Is the End

This is the End is an American apocalyptic and comedy film released in 2013. It is a marvelous movie on the list of Danny McBride Movies Ranked. It is an adaption of the short film named Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse. The film is written and produced by Seth Rogen, James Weaver, and Evan Goldberg. Furthermore, this film is the debut of the directors Rogen and Goldberg. The film presents actors and actresses as themselves or their exaggerated versions. It also adds the spice of comedy and entertainment to this movie. In the film, Jay Baruchel goes to meet his friend Seth Rogen at the party of James Franco. Friends leave the party to smoke cigarettes when they encounter a horrendous scenario, an apocalypse. They run back to the party where everything is fine until an earthquake strikes. Celebrities prepare themselves by setting up a ration system.

The next morning, Danny McBride, unaware of the situation, wastes the food and other supplies. Multiple conflicts break out and it turns into an entertaining yet serious event. The cast of this incredible film includes Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, James Franco, Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Martin Starr, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Aziz Ansari, and many more celebrities as themselves. It is one of the funniest movies and you will enjoy it. Entertainment Weekly said:

It’s the wildest screen comedy in a long time, and also the smartest, the most fearlessly inspired, and the snort-out-loud funniest.

Pineapple Express

This is a 2008 American comedy film. It is one of the most successful and entertaining movies on our list of Best Danny McBride Movies And Tv Shows. Good and positive reviews of this film have resulted in a huge fanbase that still to this day enjoys this film. The plot of Pineapple Express is around Dale Dalton, a marijuana smoker, and a lazy process server. He meets up with his drug dealer, Saul, often. They both smoke pineapple express strain together. Dale witnesses police officer Carol kill an Asian man with a drug lord, Ted. He flees quickly leaving behind his pineapple strain. Dale and Saul end up in great danger as another drug lord named Red let Ted know about their whereabouts.

The film enters into full suspense and entertainment mode when Dale and Saul wind up on the run from the police officer and hitmen. The story takes many turns but it’s something one will enjoy thoroughly. The stars of this film are Seth Rogen (Dale Denton), James Franco (Saul Silver), Danny McBride (Red), Kevin Corrigan (Budlofsky), Craig Robinson (Matheson), Gary Cole (Ted Jones), Amber Heard (Angie Anderson) and many more. The producers of this movie are Judd Apatow and Shauna Robertson. David Gordon Green directed it and the story is by Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg. Pineapple Express is an outstanding comedy film on our Danny McBride Movies Ranked list.

Eastbound and Down

Eastbound and Down is an American comedy and is an amazing tv show on our Danny McBride’s Tv Shows List. It was broadcasted on HBO. The plot revolves around a tired and retired major league ballplayer who comes back to teach physical education at his middle school. He aims to regain his famous image so he tries his level best to not repeat his previous errors. However, he ends up sabotaging himself constantly. Ben Best, Jody Hill, and Danny McBride are the creators. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy, Jody Hill, Danny McBride, Ben Best, Stephanie Laing, and David Gordon Green are the executive producers.

Stephanie Lang is the main producer. This show has a total of 4 seasons and 29 episodes. The cast of this show includes Danny Mcbride as Kenny Powers, Steve Little as Steven Bernard, Katy Mixon as April Buchanon, John Hawkes as Dustin Powers, Jennifer Irwin as Cassie Powers, Andy Daly as Terrence Cutler, and other talented actors and actresses. This popular show can’t be missed and deserves its place in Danny McBride Movies and Tv Shows.

Vice Principles

Vice Principles is an outstanding dark comedy television show and is one of the superb films on Danny McBride’s Tv Shows List. It stars Danny McBride (Neal Gamby), Walton Goggins (Lee Russell), Kimberly Hebert Gregory (Dr. Belinda Brown), Dale Dickey (Nash), Georgia King (Amanda Snodgrass), Sheaun McKinny (Dayshawn), Busy Phillips (Gale Liptrapp) and Shea Whigham (Ray Liptrapp). The story of this show revolves around an ill-tempered and rude vice principal Neal Gamby of the North Jackson School.

His prime aim is to gain the promotion to the principal’s seat. When the principal steps down, he ensures to let everyone know that Gamby can not be trusted. Thus, he does not choose him as his successor nor Lee Russell, another co-vise principal. Their conflict and friendship result in an incomparable form of entertainment that will glue you to your seat. Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, Jonathan Watson, and Stephanie Laing are executive producers. Brandon James, Adam Countee, Hayes Davenport, Ben Dougan, and Tim Saccardo are the producers. This show has a total of 2 seasons and 18 episodes.