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Bella Poarch’s Music Debut “Build A B*tch” Review

After gaining major success on TikTok, Bella Poarch has set her foot in the music industry. Recently, she released the music video of her debut single, Build A B*tch. Apart from being a catchy song, it holds an important message about body image.

When it comes to Bella Poarch, there’s more to her than meet the eyes.

Within a year of joining TikTok, Bella Poarch holds the record of third-most followed person on the platform. As of today, she has 68.1 million followers and 1.5 billion likes. Her video, M to the B, has the most likes on TikTok. However, like and followers are not the only thing which defines her. Being a part of The AAPI community, Poarch has always openly expressed her views about racism against Asian-Americans. She never shies away from speaking up about her own experiences of discrimination that she faced as a young Asian immigrant. In an interview with Vogue, Bella Poarch talked about random attacks and assaults she faced as an Asian teenager. Previously, she served in American Navy and was stationed in Japan.

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Recently, she released her first single, Build A B*tch.

Right after her success on TikTok, Bella Poarch signed a music record deal with Warner Records. This led to her releasing debut single and music video, Build A B*tch. Along with Poarch, the music video features some other famous internet personalities like Mia Khalifa, Bretman Rock and Valkyrae. While the song is written by Poarch herself, its produced by Sub Urban. Her song, Build A B*tch is an empowering anthem for women and girls all over the world, who have been facing body image issues. The message behind the song is to encourage them to embrace themselves as they are. While the lyrics are catchy with Bella Poarch’s melodious voice, the video is dark but impactful.

sddefault Bella Poarch, Build A B*tch

Talking about her song, Poarch said:

“My whole message is that I want people to realize that you don’t have to be perfect. And that it’s OK not to be, too. I want to inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin and to stay true to themselves, no matter what.”

Among all the other TikTokers, Bella Poarch’s Build A B*tch seems to be a clear winner among viewers. Since its release, the song has got more than 57 million views. Although this is just the beginning of her music career, Poarch has definitely made her mark.

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